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Biomechanical Analysis/Online Physical Therapy

Biomechanical Analysis/Online Physical Therapy

Our resident Chaski Physical Therapist Rachel Boim, DPT, is here not only to keep you running healthy but to help you find and address any weaknesses or inefficiencies in your running mechanics that could cause a problem down the road. 
Analysis and PT can be done virtually from anywhere on Earth with a camera and an internet connection.

Runner’s Fix $150

Includes a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Rach. Based on her assessment, you may qualify for one of our Runner’s Fix programs. Runner’s Fix programs are designed to address the 5 most common injuries runners experience and include exercises to strengthen, stabilize and mobilize specific injuries common to runners. 

Injury Prevention / Management $330

Got a problem area? This is a targeted evaluation, which focuses on a particular issue. The evaluation includes an assessment of mobility, stability, range of motion, strength and alignment as well as a personalized 4-week targeted exercise program.

Biochemical Analysis $499

This evaluation is a step down from our full biomechanical analysis and will include an abbreviated version of Chaski’s Complete Runner Battery to focus on problem areas. 
This involves an initial evaluation to examine alignment, stability, range of motion, strength and neuromotor recruitment patterns through a variety of tests, basic range of motion, strength, and balance through a variety of tests. This package includes three video follow-up appointments, one to review and tweak your personalized exercise program, a 4-week program update with review and an 8-week program update with review.

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