A Virtual 1-week Running Camp Built by Runners, for Runners

Week 1: Mountain/Ultra/Trail

July 6 - 12, 2020

Chaski will also have two additional weeks of camp later in the summer, one week focused on 5K to Marathon (July 20 - 26)   and one week built entirely by women, for women (August 3 - 9). Click the links above for info!


Camp Chaski is an online, virtual, week-long running camp built for the current limitations of 2020 by runners, for runners of all levels.

Over the course of this week, you'll learn from some of the most accomplished runners in the sport, partake in structured runs as well as pre- and post-run exercises and strength workouts.

In addition, you'll be able to learn from the pros (like Mike Wardian, Dani Moreno, and Pete Kostelnick) during live interactive afternoon Master Classes brought to you by Athletic Brewing Company


We'll cover topics like nutrition, training philosophy, mental toughness, and wrap things up with our Chaski Campfire - where our staff will share some of their favorite funny, inspiring, and/or challenging stories from their journey in the sport. 

While many companies would charge more for a single lecture, our entire week of camp (with 5 workouts and 6 master classes) is available for only $99. 

Register today and secure a spot for the week of a lifetime!



July 6 - 12, 2020 - morning workouts at 8am EDT and PDT, afternoon masterclasses at 8pm EDT.


$99 - Standard Package - Limited availability

  • 5x guided workouts (including pre-run work, a structured run to be done on your own, and post-run exercises - all outlined below)

  • 6x 75-90 minute live masterclasses (all outlined below) with Q&A

  • Access to recordings of masterclasses, slides, and our personal recommended reads for more info

  • Access to private Camp Chaski Facebook group

  • 1 month of free 1-on-1 online coaching from Chaski (with purchase of 6 month plan) - a $199 value!

Group Discounts are available for the Camp Chaski Standard Package on a case-by-case - contact us at Contact@chaski.run or at the chat feature on the bottom right of this page for details.

 $499 - Premium Package  - Only 8 remaining!

  • 5x guided workouts (including pre-run work, a structured run to be done on your own, and post-run exercises - all outlined below)

  • 6x 75-90 minute masterclasses (all outlined below) with Q&A

  • Access to recordings of masterclasses, slides, and our personal recommended reads for more info

  • Access to private Camp Chaski Facebook group

  • 2 months of 1-on-1 online coaching from Chaski (with purchase of 6 month plan) - a $398 value!

  • Access to private VIP Zoom after masterclasses for intimate discussion with presenters, personal Q&A, and more

  • Limited edition autographed Camp Chaski poster

  • Free Camp Chaski premium merch item

  • Free goodie bag from Chaski partners including nuun hydration, squirrel's nut butter, and athletic brewing company




All evening Masterclasses will be held at 8pm EDT, morning sessions will be held at both 8am EDT and 8am PDT (via tape delay).


All workout days will be structured such that athletes of any level can participate and scale the workouts relative to their current ability.


Coaches will lead participants through pre-run warm-up routines, explain the purpose and structure of each run, and lead post-workout exercises afterward.

Week 1 will begin Monday, July 6, 2020.

Support for our masterclasses from Athletic Brewing Company.

Monday, July 6, 2020


8pm EDT: Masterclass 1: "We're a Little Mental" - Training the mind for an ultra mentality

  • Mike Wardian and Devon Yanko and Emily Schmitz

  • Mental toughness in training and racing, getting through a rough patch

  • Staying motivated in 2020 - goal setting without goal races

  • What to do in 2020? FKTs, virtual races, etc



Tuesday, July 7, 2020


8am EDT & PDT: Workout 1 - Hills Day and hip/glute strength

  • Pre-run activations and drills

  • Guided hill workout adaptable to any level 

  • Post-run hip and glute strength training and stability session


8pm EDT: Masterclass 2: "The Brass Tacks" - Training the body for ultra endurance

  • Mike Wardian and Tyler Andrews and Calum Neff

  • Mega-mileage, long-runs, time-on-feet

  • Need for speed: ultra-specific workouts and intervals

  • Heat, rocks, hypoxia - Preparing for specific terrain and conditions



Wednesday, July 8, 2020


8am EDT & PDT: Workout 2 - Recovery Run and Lower Body Strength Training

  • Pre-run activations

  • Purpose and importance of recovery runs including pacing and effort guidelines

  • Post-run lower body strength training session


Thursday, July 9, 2020


8am EDT & PDT: Workout 3 - Fartlek Run and Plyometric Training Session

  • Pre-run activations and dynamic stretching

  • Structure for "fartlek" speed workout (adaptable to your own level)

  • Post-run strength and plyometric session​

8pm EDT: Masterclass 3: "If it Ain't Broke" - Recovery and Injury Prevention​​

  • Ashley Brasovan and Kimber Mattox

  • The Secret - (it's no secret) the #1 most important thing for recovery

  • Everything non-running - rolling, stretching, strength training, yoga

  • Contested science - ice baths, expensive stuff, compression, etc.


Friday, July 10, 2020


8pm EDT: Masterclass 4: "An Eating Contest for Runners" - Nutrition and fueling for ultra-marathons

  • Mike Wardian and Devon Yanko and Carolyn Stocker, RD

  • Food as fuel - training the gut in training and racing

  • The dreaded bonk - what it means and how to recover

  • Fads vs. Science - which is which and how to experiment on yourself


Saturday, July 11, 2020


8am EDT & PDT: Workout 4 - Moderate Run and Runner’s Yoga

  • Pre-run activations

  • Instruction on moderate run pace, drills, strides

  • 30-minute Runner's Yoga session by Chaski's own certified Yoga Teacher, Sarah Burns (E-RYT 200, YACEP)


8pm EDT: Masterclass 5: "It's game time" - Race Day

  • Kris Brown and Pete Kostelnick and Dani Moreno

  • Race-strategy, goal setting, pacing and Dani Moreno

  • Gear and nutrition - what to carry and what to eat

  • Your crew - the value of a crew/well done drop bag


Sunday, July 12, 2020


8am EDT & PDT: Workout 5 - Long Run and Recovery

  • Pre-run activations

  • Guidance on long-run duration and intensity

  • Post-run stretching, rolling, and re-fueling


8pm EDT: Masterclass 6: "We're all having fun here" - Our closing "campfire" 

  • The whole squad

  • Tales of triumph, disaster, and hilarity from all your favorite ultra stars

  • You're not going to want to miss this one.

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Our world-class team of athletes, coaches, and specialists is unmatched in the world of Mountain/Ultra/Trail running.

Michael Wardian

4x USATF Ultra Runner of the Year

5x USATF National Champion

  • Instagram

Recovering lax-bro, father of two (plus a dog)


2x Olympic Trials Qualifier

6x Team USA Member

  • Instagram

Bakery owner. Part robocop, part sloth. Tattoo afficiando. Aspiring cowgirl and gravel rider. Lover of a fancy cocktail.


Dani Moreno

USTF 50k Trail Champion

4x Team USA  Member

  • Instagram

Will jump out of planes, fisherwoman, hip-hop fangirl, basic Brunch is life, aspiring Survivor contestant


50K World Championships Silver Medalist

3x Team USA Member

  • Instagram

Cat-Dad, Amateur Astrophysicist, David Foster Wallace Wanna-be


Trail Half Marathon World Champion

Warrior Dash World Champion

  • Instagram

Aspiring Swing Dancer, Kombucha Maker, Sports Science Nerd

Kostelnick - 2016Badwater135.jpg

Fastest ever to run across America

Two-time Badwater 135 Champion

  • Instagram

2x US Transconer, Beer Mile Hopeful, Belt Buckle Collector

Brown, Kris - Western States.JPG

Top American at Tarawera 102K

Western States 100 Mile Top 10 Finisher

  • Instagram

Chef, Wino, Stoke-Master with a Monkeywrench Tattoo

Brasovan, Ashley - Training.PNG

5x National Champion

3x Team USA Member

  • Instagram

Dives with sharks, Offsetting carbon emissions by day, Real Estate Addict


Sarah Burns

E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

5+ Years Experience working with athletes of all ages

  • Instagram

Espresso connoisseur, mountain yogi, aspiring marathoner



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