5K / 50K Ultra Open Races


Treadmill Festival of Records Race

June 5-6, 2020

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Thank you to all of our runners, spectators, elite athletes, and sponsors for an awesome event!

Open Race Results are Live

5K Results

50K/Double Results

Prize Winners

 Prize winners will be contacted individually 


Re-live the drama by reading all of Jon Waldron's tweets here!

Over $1000 raised for Feeding America's COVID Relief Programs

Two Events in One

A Race to Run and a Spectacle to Watch


Free 5K, 50K, and Team Relay Race: 4pm EDT Friday, June 5 to 4pm EDT Saturday, June 6, 2020

Treadmill Festival of Records: Free Live Broadcast begins 6pm EDT, Saturday, June 6, 2020

$6000+ in prize money and awards!


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The open race begins at 4pm EDT Friday, June 5 and you have until 4pm EDT Saturday, June 6 to submit results (in order to qualify for prizes.

Download your race number here

Check out our In-Depth Elite Race Preview written by Chaski Director of Coaching Jon Waldron

The Full Elite Field is here! Sara Hall, John Raneri, Renee Metivier, Mike Wardian, Regina Lopez, Max King, and more!

Full Details below or View on PDF here

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Part II: Treadmill Festival of Records

Ready for the big show? With your race in the books, get ready to watch our live, professionally broadcast elite race where our field of world-class runners will attempt to topple not one, but SEVEN world records. 

Starting at 6pm on June 6, 2020, our athletes will be racing one another from across the US and the World, vying for victory and the following World Records:


Women’s Treadmill Half Marathon World Record - 1:20:43 - Jenna Wrieden (USA) - 2014

Men's Treadmill Half Marathon World Record - 1:03:37 - Tyler Andrews (USA) - 2015


Men’s Treadmill Marathon World Record - 2:20:45 - Paul Zwama (NED) - 2018

Men’s Treadmill 50km World Record - 2:56:35 - Matthias Kyburz (SUI) - 2020

Women's Treadmill Marathon World Record - no known mark

Women's Treadmill 50km World Record - 3:51:25 - Arielle Fitzgerald (CAN) - 2016

Men's Treadmill 100km World Record - 6:40:35 - Phil Anthony (GBR) - 2014

Elite Prizes and Awards

We’ll continue the Quarantine Backyard Ultra’s tradition of the much coveted “Golden Toilet Paper Roll” for first place in the men’s and women’s ultra competitions.


World Record Winner's Bonus - A cash bonus will be paid out for any World Record to the new record holder (i.e., only one person can earn each bonus).

Athletic Brewing Company First to 5K - A cash bonus along with a two 6-pack of Athletic Brewing Company non-alcoholic beer will be given out for the fastest first 5K in each of the men's and women's half marathons and the men's 50km.



Chaski Challenge 5K and 50K Ultra Open Races (Free to enter): June 5 & 6 - Start at any time after 4pm on June 5; results must be submitted by 4pm EDT on June 6.

Chaski Festival of Records (Treadmill World Record Attempts): June 6, 5:30-9:00pm EDT

Men's Half Marathon and M/W 50 km races: 6:00 PM EDT

Women's Half Marathon race: 7:30 PM EDT (approx.)

Mens' 100km race: 12pm EDT start time - Broadcast will begin at 5:30 PM EDT




Part I: Chaski Challenge Open Races

5K and 50K Ultra - Any surface/location

You do NOT have to run on a treadmill - that’s just the elite event. We know most people don’t have access to a treadmill right now.

A free race of 5km or 50km (3.11 miles or 31.1 miles). You can run this any time starting June 5 at 4pm EDT and finishing June 6 at 4pm EDT.

Chaski Challenge Double (also free) - If you're really looking for a challenge, you can race both the 5km and 50km race, in either order, with any amount of rest between the two, as long as you finish and submit your results before 4pm EDT on June 6.  Note - the winner will be determined by an equally weighted sum of the two races' times (i.e. 1 minute in the 5K is worth 10 minutes in the 50K).

5-person Team Relay (5x 5km) (Oh, and yeah, it's also free) - Are you and your running buddies missing out on the usual Sunday long runs? Here's a great opportunity to tackle something together! You and 4 friends each run a 5K, submit your individual times, and we'll tally them up to calculate the winner. Want to join a team but don't have 4 team-mates? Select the "assign me a team" option on registration and we'll connect you! We'll have three categories for relay teams: all-male, all-female, and mixed.

Once you register, you’ll receive a race number along w/ a PDF Bib which you can print out and wear, just like any other race-day. Make sure to take your pre-race #FlatBruce picture and tag @Chaski.Endurance and #ChaskiChallenge for a chance to be featured.


Run your 5K or 50K (or both, if you're into that!) at any time starting 4pm on June 5 and finishing by 4pm on June 6. Please make sure you closely follow any local rules and suggestions about running attire (e.g. face covering), distancing, and closed areas, such as parks and tracks.


After you finish, submit your results via the results submission page* (to be sent out after registration). You'll receive an email after the final race has ended with an official finishers certificate and a link to the full results page so you can see how you did. 

Open Race Awards


1st place M/F

nuun hydration 4 pack

Squirrel's Nut Butter Premium Package

GU Energy Prize Pack ($50 value)

1 Ghost from Ghost.Express

Athletic Brewing Company 12 pack and merch item

Immunity Panel Test from InsideTracker

HOKA ONE ONE pair of shoes of your choice

2nd place M/F

HOKA ONE ONE Hoodie and Shirt


1st place M/F

nuun hydration 4 pack

Squirrel's Nut Butter Premium Package

GU Energy Prize Pack ($50 value)

1 Ghost from Ghost.Express

Alta Andina Passport Holder

Athletic Brewing Company 12 pack and merch item

Immunity Panel Test from InsideTracker

HOKA ONE ONE pair of shoes of your choice

2nd place M/F

HOKA ONE ONE Hoodie and Shirt

3rd place M/F

HOKA ONE ONE Hat and socks

Chaski Challenge Double**

1st place M/F

1-hour Chaski Coaching Consultation Call

nuun hydration 4 pack

Squirrel's Nut Butter Premium Package

GU Energy Prize Pack ($50 value)

Athletic Brewing Company 12 pack and merch item

Immunity Panel Test from InsideTracker

HOKA ONE ONE pair of shoes of your choice

Team Relay

Categories - All Male, All Female, Mixed

1st place (each category)

nuun hydration 4 pack

Squirrel's Nut Butter Individual Product

GU Energy Prize Pack ($50 value)

5K Age Group Awards

Age group awards will be given out to the fastest finisher in each group, male and female. Winners will receive a 12-pack of Athletic Brewing Company non-acloholic beer.







*NB - Under 21 finishers will receive their choice of merch items but no drinks. Sorry.

More prizes from our sponsors to be announced shortly!

Note - Race results must be submitted along with verification via GPS or treadmill photo/video/witness testimony by 4pm EDT on Saturday, June 6, 2020 to be considered for prizes and feature on the elite broadcast.

**Scoring for the Chaski Challenge Double - the winner of the double will be the fastest EQUALLY SCALED time of each event. Why? Because if you don't scale the 5K time, it doesn't really matter, as a 3 minute difference in a 5K is huge but is nothing in a 50K. E.g. If Runner A runs 20:00 and 4:00:00, you're total scaled time is 20:00 x 10 = 3:20:00 + 4:00:00 = 7:20:00. If Runner B runs 15:00 for 5K and 4:30:00 for 50K would scale to 15:00 x 10 = 2:30:00 + 4:30:00 = 7:00:00 and would be the victor over Runner A

The Elite Field


Sara Hall

Women's Half Marathon

Top 15 NYC Marathon, Top 10 NYC Half, 2x US Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier

Best times

Half Marathon - 1:01:51

Sara Hall

Women's Half Marathon

10x US national champion, multi-time US World Championship Team Member, fastest American marathoner of 2019

Best times

Half Marathon - 1:08:58

Sara Hall.jpeg

John Raneri

Men's Half Marathon


Renee Metivier

Women's Half Marathon

4x USATF National Champion, 6x Member Team USA, Top 15 all-time fastest American marathoner

Best times

Half Marathon - 1:10:52


Michael Wardian

Men's 50km

Multi-time world-record-holder, national champion, Quarantine Backyard Ultra Champion, father of 2 (plus 1 Vizsla),  aspiring bee-keeper.

Best times

Marathon - 2:17:49

50km - 2:55:05


Regina Lopez

Women's 50km

Spartan trail national champion, US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

Best time

Half Marathon - 1:14:33

Marathon - 2:42:07

Tyler Andrews

Men's 50km

50km World Silver Medalist, 2x Olympic Trials Qualifier, 50M natl champ, Treadmill Half Marathon WR holder, cat dad, amateur astrophysicist.

Best times

Marathon - 2:15:52

50km - 2:46:06


Mario Mendoza

Men's 100km

5x US Trail National Champion, 4x USATF Trail Runner of the Year, Former 50k Treadmill World Record Holder


Max King​

Men's 50km

World 100k Champion, US 100k record holder, 4 time Olympic Trials qualifier, amateur archer, burgeoning leatherworker

Best Times

Marathon: 2:14:36

100km: 6:27:43


Adam Holland

Men's Half Marathon

Multi-time world record holder, fastest person to run 10 marathons in 10 days, England Athletic 50km Champion

Best times

Half Marathon: 1:03:36

adam holland.jpeg



At Chaski, our mission is to foster community and empower athletes.


With so many road races cancelled in 2020, we’ve seen athletes of all levels struggling to find motivation and engagement in the sport, both as participants and fans. We had a great time participating in and following the elites in the Quarantine Backyard Ultra in March and we wanted to build off of that and create something truly our own to give back to the community.


As fans of the sport first and elite athletes second, we wanted to set something up that would inspire us both as participants and fans. Thus, the two separate events.

1) A no-frills, simple, free mass-participation race with prizes from our sponsors, additional gear for sale if you want it, and an optional donation.


2) An elite race with competitors chasing world records for Half Marathon, Marathon, 50K, and 100K, all running on treadmills and all streamed live with commentary and analysis for you, the fan.

Why have the elites run on treadmills?




(A) the records are out there and we want to knock them out of the park, and, 


(B) logistically, it makes it way easier to showcase the amazing work these athletes are doing from afar and during quarantines.

Other Questions?

Email us at Contact@chaski.run and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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