• Elite coach pairing

  • Chaski private community access

  • Initial coaching evaluation

  • Monthly coaching call

  • Monthly training program adjustments


Our most popular program


  • Elite coach pairing

  • Chaski private community access

  • Initial coaching evaluation

  • Weekly coaching call

  • Weekly training program adjustments

  • Unlimited* text/email communication



  • Elite coach pairing

  • Chaski private community access

  • Initial coaching evaluation

  • Weekly coaching call

  • Unlimited training program adjustments

  • Unlimited text/email communication

  • Biomechanical Analysis Package ($349 value)

  • Personalized Private Runner’s Yoga ($1,428 value)

  • Running Nutrition Consultation ($299 value)

  • Chaski merch Credit ($100 value)

Prices are based on a 6 month coaching program. For month to month pricing, scroll down.


*Within reason. We’re all human.

Chaski Flagship Coaching

Full-time Private Coaching. Human-to-human, adaptive online coaching by Chaski's world-class Athlete-Coaches

The Chaski Flagship Coaching Program is for the athlete of any level with a passion for self-improvement who wants to learn from the best. Our world-class athlete-coaches will guide you through workouts, recovery, racing, and more.




/Mo (6 month commitment) 

/Mo (3 month commitment) 


once-per-lifetime set-up fee for new athletes (this allows us to fairly pay our coaches and administrators for their time!)

Chaski Select Coaching

Monthly Private Coaching. Human-to-human, adaptive online coaching by Chaski's World-class Athlete-Coaches.

Maybe our Chaski Flagship Coaching program isn’t for you; it’s either outside of your price range or you’re experienced enough that you feel comfortable making some adaptations yourself. Our Chaski Select Coaching Program includes fully customized plans updated monthly by your Chaski coach.



/Mo (6 month commitment) 


/Mo (3 month commitment) 

Chaski Ultimate Coaching

The next level - Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition, Yoga, and more. 

The Chaski Complete Package is for the endurance athlete looking to completely maximize their training. This plan features access to our most sought-after coaches as well as the perfectly curated bundle of complementary services to get you healthier, happier, and performing at a higher level than you ever thought possible.​



/Mo (6 month commitment) 


One-time non-refundable set-up fee for new athletes


More Good Stuff

Runner's Yoga, injury prevention and recovery, biomechanical analysis, and more


Most athletes know that their mind is an integral part of their journey toward goal achievement however, it often goes untrained. Just like physical skills, mental skills must be learned and practiced in order to be effective.

Some examples of skills covered in mental fitness training are imagery, self-talk, effective goal setting, and pre competition routines. These skills can help with motivation, arousal and anxiety regulation, recovery from injury and much more. The overall goal of improving your mental fitness is to keep the joy in your running and facilitate goal achievement.




/ 1 hour consultation

Packages with coaching available -- contact us for pricing.


If you’re struggling with issues around body image, disordered eating patterns, or cycles of injury, you’re not alone. Amelia Boone has openly and candidly discussed her journey with a life-long struggle with these exact issues.

This is not a run-coaching program, but rather a mentorship program for those looking to develop healthy habits/attitudes around fueling and running, ask questions of someone who’s experienced recurring injuries due to underfueling, and simply connect with a fellow human who might be able to offer some insight and guidance into navigating the intersection of mental health and sports performance.


Body Image, Disordered Eating, and Injury Recovery with Amelia Boone

One Time Call

Weekly Calls


Per hour


Per Month

Customized Runner’s Yoga - Our most popular offering!

Yoga is more than stretching and flexibility. For runners, yoga can help develop balance, stability, core-strength, control of breath, and proprioception/body awareness.

Whether you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat before or you’re a seasoned yogi, you’ll be sure to become a stronger and more balanced person and runner

Private Classes From



Biomechanical Analysis/Online Physical Therapy

Our resident Chaski Physical Therapist Sue McNatt, MSPT, is here not only to keep you running healthy but to help you find and address any weaknesses or inefficiencies in your running mechanics that could cause a problem down the road. 
Analysis and PT can be done virtually from anywhere on Earth with a camera and an internet connection.


Analysis Package


Virtual PT 

$119 Per Hour

Runner’s Nutrition Consultation

Our In-House Chaski Running Nutritionist Carolyn Stocker, RD, will provide an analysis of your current diet and nutrition (based on a food-log you’ll have to complete) and offer helpful ideas and solutions to any particular dietary issues you might be facing. 


Complete Package


One Time Consult


Custom Strength Training Plan

Do you want to get ripped?! Or, maybe just get stronger? Improve your posture, your ability to hold your running form at the end of a race? Just running isn’t enough if you want to maximize your potential. 


/Mo (3 month commitment) 


Talk to a Human

One-time Training Consultation

From mileage build-ups to college recruitment, talk with one of our Chaski pro-athlete coaches.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a multi-month online coaching program but have some questions? Schedule a one-time call with one of our Elite Chaski Coaches who can answer whatever you can throw our way (hopefully, it’s related to endurance sport).



/ 1 hour call

Our Chaski High School experts like former High School National Champion Ashley Brasovan and Co-founder Tyler Andrews are here to help you with all things related to high school sports, college recruiting, and more.


High School Athlete Consultation

Want to know if/where you can run in college? Got questions about your high school running career? Want to know how the college recruiting process works?



/ 1 hour call

Monthly plans available starting at


Packages with coaching available -- contact us for pricing.