Chaski Community Membership

The most awesome community of athletes and coaches out there. All the resources you need to reach your goals

Not looking for private coaching? Chaski Community Membership is an opportunity for you to connect with the coolest group of athletes and coaches. You’ll get access to weekly live workout classes, private Q&As with Chaski coaches and world-famous athletes, and our inexhaustible library of videos, documents and more. 


  • Weekly Live workout classes, master classes, and seminars -- 15+ per month

  • Access to Chaski Video Library -- 100+ hours of workouts and classes

  • Access to private Chaski Community Group

  • $100 Chaski Travel credit, 10% off all Chaski Merch

  • Discounts of 10-40% off Partner Brands


$8.29/mo (billed as $99 annually - normally $199)

$25/mo month (cancel any time)

The Deets​

So, what do I get?

  • Free Chaski Coaching Consultation ($69 value) - Limited to first 50 members!

  • Private Chaski Community web-portal for easy access to resource library and schedule of events

  • Weekly interactive, live mobility / yoga class

  • Weekly, interactive, live functional strength training class

  • Weekly “Coach’s Corner”, live Q&A with each Chaski Coach

  • Monthly Community Social Hour with athletes and coaches

  • Monthly Masterclass on topics like training, nutrition, strength, and more

  • Monthly Nutrition Seminar with Chaski Nutritionist 

  • Monthly Women’s Masterclass covering topics by and for women

  • Unlimited 10% off all Chaski Merch

  • Discounts of 15-40% from Partner Brands including HOKA, Gu, nuun, InsideTrack, UltraSpire, and more

  • 50% Off all Chaski virtual camps (bi-monthly)

  • $100 credit for Camp Chaski Travel Programs 

  • Weekly Chaski Email w/ training tips, updates from the team, and more

  • Access to Chaski video library with more than 100 hours of workouts, seminars, and classes

  • Access to private Chaski Team Room Facebook group - for coaches and athletes only

  • First access to contests, giveaways, and special events

  • Opportunity to be featured on Chaski blog and social media

  • Additional bonus content

Seriously? All that for just $16.58 a month?

Yep! And this is just the beginning. We're constantly adding new classes and other awesome ways to stay involved. Sign up today and join the most amazing community of athletes and coaches out there.

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