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Chaski Endurance Collective is a community designed to empower athletes of all levels through human-to-human, adaptive coaching. Chaski Coaches are all current or former elite competitors themselves and, after completing our rigorous coaching curriculum, are all among the best coaches in their specialty. Through the support of the Collective, our coaches are able to continue to improve and grow as coaches, train and compete at a world-class level, all while sharing their knowledge and experience with their athletes.

While Chaski focuses primarily on Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) running training and competition, we have staff in our Collective qualified to coach you to your best at any distance and over any surface.


What is a Chaski?

“Chaski” (pronounced CHAH-skee) was the title given to the messenger-runners whose duties were essential in operating the Incan Empire. Revered for their endurance, Chaskis ran over and across the Andes Mountains and through deserts along the ancient Qhapaq Ñan, the network of Inca trails, delivering coded messages.


In a very cool linguistic feature, “Chaski” is also a verb meaning to exchange, share, or give-and-take (derived from the responsibilities of the messengers).


Chaski Endurance Collective hopes to embody every sense of the original Quechua meaning. We seek to embody the messenger-runners’ formidable skills at covering ground and live the act of exchanging and sharing ideas and experiences with athletes and coaches.



Collective Model

Chaski is based up on the idea that we as a Collective are greater than the sum of our parts. Rather than being based on one person's experience, ego, or knowledge, Chaski's strength is the unprecedented diversity and experience of our Collective's members. This allows us to provide our athletes with the best possible coaching experience.

Together, we have decades of experience and hundreds of happier, healthier, and higher-performing athletes as proof that our Collective is right for anyone.

Elite Coaching Staff

The Chaski coaching staff is composed entirely of current and former elite athletes. They've trained and competed at the highest level in sport and can use that experience, along with rigorous coaching training and experience, to guide other athletes toward their goals, no matter the level.

This provides unique opportunities for athletes to directly tap into the knowledge of high performers and for coaches to connect with fellow endurance elites.

Fostering Community

We have created a real community of athletes of all levels. We recognize the power of connection and so rather than just interacting with a single elite-athlete coach, all our athletes and coaches are able to interact with everyone else. We love our sport and our community and we strive to create unique content, events, and other mediums for connection to help foster interaction and engage in our sport together. 

As individuals, we're strong; but as a group, we're unstoppable.

Athlete Empowerment

Empowering athletes is why we're here. Whether that empowerment flows directly from your personal Chaski Coach or a connection to another athlete in the Chaski community, our goal is to show others that they're capable of so much more than they ever realized. And, in our collective model, the empowerment flows both ways. As our elite athlete-coaches inspire and motivate you,  our athletes also teach us to be better coaches, athletes, and humans.

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