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International Endurance
Coaching Certification Program (IECC)

The Premier Certification for Endurance Coaches Worldwide

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The International Endurance Coaching Certification Program (IECC) is a comprehensive online course with cutting-edge research and real-world experience. Receive a mastery certificate upon completion of our program.


Ideal for aspiring coaches, self-coaching, mentoring, and enthusiasts. Elevate skills, deepen knowledge, and fuel your passion with our certification program.


Discover the science, psychology, and leadership principles of endurance coaching with our program developed by experts.


  • Innovative Curriculum: Cutting-edge curriculum merges research, expertise, and coaching wisdom. Explore science, psychology, and practicality in our program.

  • World-Class Faculty: Learn from world-class faculty of coaches, PhDs, and elite athletes who've excelled in endurance sports.

  • Global Recognition: Gain global recognition with our internationally recognized IECC certificate, symbolizing your expertise and dedication in endurance coaching.

  • Flexible Learning: Our program respects your time. Access course materials and resources online, on-demand. Choose "at your own pace" or "follow along" options for certification. Study, learn, and network with coaches and athletes at your convenience.

  • Community Engagement: Engage with our global community at IECC. Connect, learn, and grow with fellow learners and coaches.

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