The Speed Project - Solo
Jes Woods

Jes Woods will be attempting to become the first woman to run solo from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

What is The Speed Projec?

The Speed Project is a 340 mile race from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, CA to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign in Las Vegas, NV. In general, the race is done as a relay, with teams of runners splitting up the distance.

What is Jes doing?

Jes is attempting to become the first woman to run the entire 340 mile distance. Yes, that means running for many hours a day for multiple days, not sleeping very much at all, and, in doing so, pushing the boundaries of human endurance. 

Who is Jes Woods?

Jes Woods is a runner and coach for Chaski Endurance Collective and Nike. She's finished multiple 100 milers and is using the training and racing of TSP as an exploration of the limits of female endurance athletics.

Read her bio here and follow her on IG here.

Live Tracking

Jes' run will begin at 04:00am on Monday, May 24, 2021. You can follow her progress from LA to Las Vegas on the tracker below.