Jack of All Trails

Kris Brown is an ultrarunner based in Santa Barbara, California. While he specializes in hilly races in the 50k-100k range, he relentlessly competes in events of all distances, having finished top-ten at the 2018 Western States 100-miler just three weeks after running a sub-15 minute 5k on the track. Kris also "deep-dabbles" in obstacle racing, and he finished 5th at the 2019 Spartan Ultra World Championships. 


A lifelong runner, Kris has experience with a wide variety of training styles, including introductory youth programs, classic collegiate training, and a much more free-form approach to ultrarunning. He believes that there are more than a few ways to get fast, and he prefers to design training programs for his athletes that emphasize the parts of the sport that they love the most.


Kris owns a restaurant in Santa Barbara, and when he's not either there or out on the trails, he loves having friends over to drink beer and talk nonsense.






Squirrels Nut Butter

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Kris Brown

Pro. Mountain, Ultra, Trail Runner

Spartan/Obstacle Course Racing Pro

Chaski/USATF Certified Coach


2020 Tarawera 102k - 3rd place (first American)

2019 Nine Trails - 3rd place

2018 Western States - 10th place

2017 San Diego 100 mile - 1st place

2017 The North Face 50-Mile San Francisco - 4th place

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