#Los10FKT Project

Fastest Known Time Record Attempts

Raising funds for The Chaski Foundation

Ty will be attempt to set records on 10 iconic routes in the Andes to raise funds for the launch of the Chaski Foundation (our 501c3 non-profit).

3 down, 7 to go!

  1. Ojos del Salado Volcano ✔️

  2. Tungurahua Volcano ✔️

  3. Cotopaxi Volcano ✔️

  4. Pichincha Traverse

  5. Quilotoa Trail

  6. Santa Cruz Trail

  7. Huayhuash Circuit

  8. Colca Canyon Trail

  9. El Choro Trail

  10. Illampu Circuit

What is the #Los10FKT Project?

Ty: "I’m excited to announce Los Diez (Los 10), a project about which I’ve been day-dreaming for months: to tackle 10 iconic routes in the South American Andes, accompanied by some of the true local legends in each area.

"The idea for Los 10 came about after I joined the fastestknowtime.com staff as a regional editor for Central/South America. I was surprised to see how few Andean routes (not a single route in Bolivia!) were in the database despite the number of badass, local mountain/ultra/trail athletes I knew that train and race in the mountains of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and more.


In talking with Peter Bawkins and Buzz Burrell (the site’s founders and godfathers of the FKT movement) and coordinating with many friends in the athlete community across South America, we put together a list of 10 diverse routes that we thought we might be able to (aggressively) accomplish in one calendar year. Some of these routes already have established and competitive FKTs, while some are renowned hiking or trail-running routes, but don’t have any publicized speed records.


Our goal is to put up marks that are competitive and will encourage both local and foreign interest in the FKT movement, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic."

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Up Next: The Pichincha Traverse

The next record attempt will be the Pichincha Traverse, an iconic route across four summits towering over Quito, Ecuador. Ty set the first FKT in Jan, 2019 as a team run with fellow HOKA runner Anna Mae Flynn, which has since been lowered by an Ecuadorian team of Oscar Basantes and Lilian Suqillo. 

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The List: Los 10

  1. Ojos del Salado Ascent/Descent - 57km (35 miles), 2700m vert, Max Altitude 6,893m (22,615 ft) - Chile - Route Map - NEW RECORD: 9:29:46 -- Read the Recap

  2. Tungurahua Volcano - 6km (3.8 miles), 1200m vert, max altitude 5,023m (16,479 ft) - Ecuador - Route Map -  NEW RECORD: 1:50:18 -- Read the Recap

  3. Cotopaxi Volcano - 5km (3.1 miles), 1030m vert, max altitude 5,897m (19,350 ft) - Ecuador - Route Map - TIED RECORD: 1:37:04 (New Ascent Record: 1:13:42) -- Recap Coming Soon

  4. Pichincha Traverse - 30km (18 miles), 2700m vert, max altitude 4,770m (15,650 ft) - Ecuador - Route Map

  5. Quilotoa Traverse - 50km (31 miles), 2700m vert, max altitude 3,870m (12,696 ft) - Ecuador* - Route Map

  6. Santa Cruz Route - 44km (27 miles), 1600m vert, 4,780m (15,680 ft) - Peru* - Route Map

  7. Huayhuash Circuit - 120km (74 miles), 6300m vert, max altitude, 5000 m (16,404 ft),- Peru - Route Map

  8. Colca Canyon Circuit - 38km (24 miles), 2300m vert, max altitude 3.370m (11,000 ft) - Peru* - Route Map

  9. El Choro Route - 49km (30 miles), 1700m vert, max altitude 4,690m (15,300 ft) - Bolivia* - Route Map

  10. Illampu Circuit - 118km (73 miles), 8700m vert, max altitude 5,000m (16,400 ft) - Bolivia* - Route Map

*No known FKT


Note - we reserve the right to change, add to, subtract from, or generally dicky around with this list as much as we like given that this project is just for us and given the general “up-in-the-air” state of the world, travel, etc.

#Los10FKT Attempt #4

The Pichincha Traverse


Distance: 30km (18.6 miles)

Vertical Gain: 2,700m (8,858 ft)

Max Altitude: 4,784m (15,700 ft)
Current Record: 5:44:59, Oscar Paul Basantes Guañuna & Lilian Suquillo

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