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Human-to-human, adaptive online coaching by Chaski's Elite Athlete-Coaches

Complete Package

The next level.

Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition, Yoga, and more. 


Runner's Yoga, injury prevention and recovery, biomechanical analysis, and more


From mileage build-ups to college recruitment, talk with a Chaski Specialist.


Chaski Coaching 

From $199/mo.

The Chaski Coaching Program is for the athlete of any level with a passion for self-improvement who wants to learn from the best. Our elite athlete-coaches will guide you through workouts, recovery, racing, and more. 


  • Elite athlete-coach pairing

    • Initial intake and goal-setting call

    • Weekly training update call

    • Race-day planning for pacing, goals, fueling, strategy, logistics, gear, etc

    • Post-race recovery advisory

    • End-of-season review and planning for next steps

    • Unlimited text/email communication

  • Adaptive training schedule based on your actual progression

    • A custom daily training plan updated weekly

    • Professional analysis and feedback on workout data

    • Macro-cycle planning including base phase, sharpening, and tapering (when applicable)

    • Online training log account set-up and support

  • Chaski Community Access

    • Access to private Chaski Team Room Facebook page - for coaches and athletes only

    • Bi-monthly Chaski Email w/ training tips, updates from the team, and more

    • Opportunity to be featured on Chaski blog and social media

    • Optional connection with “virtual training partner”

    • First access to contests, giveaways, and special events

    • Discounts on partner brand products like shoes, nutrition, and more

    • Additional Chaski premium content such as live (and archived) workout videos, strength plans, etc.




$199 per month (6 month commitment) 

$249 per month (3 month commitment)

$99 once-per-lifetime set-up fee for new clients (this allows us to fairly pay our coaches and administrators for their time!)


$25 Chaski Store credit if pre-paying for entire commitment

$25 Chaski Store credit if paying by check


Refunds and Cancellation

We offer a 14-day window in which you can cancel and receive a refund for any money paid for your coaching fee (note that this does not include the $100 start-up fee for new clients -- currently waived). If you wish to cancel after the first 14 days, you’ll be responsible for an early-cancellation fee equivalent to one month’s coaching fee beyond the month you’re currently in. But, who are we kidding? You’re going to love it.


In case of injury, you can put your coaching program on hold for up to 2 months (i.e. you won’t be billed for 2 months).

Chaski Custom Training Plans

From $69/mo

Custom Training Plans 


Maybe online coaching isn’t for you; it’s either outside of your price range or you’re experienced enough that you feel comfortable making adaptations yourself over the course of a single build-up.


These plans involve a one-time phone consultation with one of our Chaski Elite Coaches who will get to know your background, ability, and goals and draw out a custom training plan to help get you ready for a big performance at your next race.

Plans start at $69 per month for 3 months minimum (and can be purchased monthly beyond that).

Chaski Complete Package 

From $499/mo.

The Chaski Complete Package is for the endurance athlete looking to completely maximize their training. This plan features access to our most sought-after coaches as well as the perfectly curated bundle of complementary services to get you healthier, happier, and performing at a higher level than you ever thought possible.

Way beyond just run-coaching, this package offers the opportunity for a holistic approach to health and performance. You’ll be on your way to a new PR, that bucket-list race, or whatever your goals may be in no time!


  • Entire Chaski Coaching Plan as outlined above

  • Pro-level Athlete Coach Pairing - our most high-demand coaches

  • Biomechanical Analysis ($349 value)

    • 4 virtual visits including analysis and follow-ups per 6 months

  • 1-on-1 Personalized Runner’s Yoga ($1,428 value)

    • 12x 1 hour sessions per 6 months

  • Professional Nutrition Consultation with running specialist ($299 value)

    • 1x per 6 months

  • Custom, Progressive Strength Training Plan ($474 value)

    • 6 unique 1-month plans per 6 months

  • Chaski Team Racing Singlet ($75 value)




$499/mo (6 month minimum) - A total value of $4,639!

$100 one-time non-refundable set-up fee for new clients

$50 Chaski Store credit if pre-paying for entire commitment

$50 Chaski Store credit if paying by check


Refunds and Cancellation

We offer a 14-day window in which you can cancel and receive a partial refund - note that the partial refund is unique to this package due to initial services provided beyond coaching. After the first 14 days, there will be no refunds


But, as with above, who are we kidding? You’re going to love it.


In case of injury, you can put your entire program on hold for up to 2 months (i.e. you won’t be billed for 2 months).


Chaski Supplemental Packages 

From $99

Customized Runner’s Yoga - Our most popular offering!

Running is all about balance. While running, we spend all of our time either in the air or balanced on one foot. 


Yoga is more than stretching and flexibility. For runners, yoga can help develop balance, stability, core-strength, control of breath, and proprioception/body awareness.


With these 1-on-1 classes with our licensed in-house Running Yoga Specialist, you’ll have a routine specifically built around your ability and needs and will be led through it in real time over video-conference. Each session will be catered to your progress, current level of fatigue, and goals.


Whether you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat before or you’re a seasoned yogi, you’ll be sure to become a stronger and more balanced person and runner.

$119 per hour session or $99 per hour session when buying a pack of 10 

(don’t worry, they never expire)

From $299

Biomechanical Analysis/Online Physical Therapy

Our resident Chaski Physical Therapist Sue McNatt, MSPT, is here not only to keep you running healthy but to help you find and address any weaknesses or inefficiencies in your running mechanics that could cause a problem down the road. If you have a specific issue about which you’re concerned or have a question, you can set up a one-time consultation.

Our most popular PT plan is our Biomechanical Analysis Package. This involves an initial evaluation to examine basic range of motion, strength, and balance through a variety of tests. You’ll also send a few short running clips to be analyzed, followed by a second visit to discuss any findings and review instructions for exercises that will help target any imbalances and weaknesses. You’ll have two more follow-up appointments, one after about 2 weeks and another after about 6 weeks, to review progress and tweak the exercises if necessary. 


If you have a history of injury or if you’re interested in improving performance by addressing inefficiencies in your mechanics, this is for you.


Biomechanical Analysis Package: $299


Online PT 1-time consultation: $119/hr (1 hour minimum)

From $299

Runner’s Nutritional Consultation

Our In-House Chaski Running Nutritionist Carolyn Stocker, RD, will provide an analysis of your current diet and nutrition (based on a food-log you’ll have to complete) and offer helpful ideas and solutions to any particular dietary issues you might be facing. Dealing with a nut allergy or gluten intolerance? This is a great way to figure out how that might affect your overall nutrition and your ability to fuel on race day. Want to just fuel your body better and don’t know where to start? There’s no time like the present.


The Chaski Nutrition Package Includes


  • Completion of three day food record and sports nutrition questionnaire prior to scheduled consultation. These forms will be delivered to your email.

  • 60-90 minutes video-call discussion including:

    • Meal and snack planning for optimal energy intake

      • Assess your nutrition needs

      • Build a plan based on your schedule

    • Performance Nutrition

      • Nutrient timing and recovery nutrition and hydration

      • Discuss nutritional challenges affecting your performance (travel, over-training, GI disturbances, anemia)

      • Injury recovery

      • Supplement review and guidance

    • Develop healthy relationship with food

    • Eating to maintain, lose, or gain weight.

    • Addressing how nutrition affects sleep, recovery, blood sugar, and food cravings

  • Goal setting

  • 1 Follow-up appointment (40 min video call) is included ideally within 4 weeks from initial consult w/ additional appointments available as needed. 

  • Recommended ongoing nutrition education to develop your nutrition program

  • Continuous email support up to 1 month post initial consult or until follow up


$299 for complete package (all of the above, including one-time consultation + follow up)

$99 per additional follow-up (40 min video call)



Custom Strength Training Plan

Do you want to get ripped?! Or, maybe just get stronger? Improve your posture, your ability to hold your running form at the end of a race? Just running isn’t enough if you want to maximize your potential. As runners, we have a tendency to improve despite specific weaknesses that might hold us back or cause injury. Targeted and progressive strength training can help you stay injury free, improve your mechanics, and increase power.


A consultation with Carolyn Stocker, CSCS, our Chaski Strength and Conditioning Expert, will give you a custom and progressive plan based on your current ability and goals, with specific exercises, weights, and reps mapped out from week to week.


$79 per month, 3 month minimum.

No refunds will be offered on Chaski Supplemental Packages


Chaski Consultations

From $69

One-time Training Consultation

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a multi-month online coaching program but have some questions? Schedule a one-time call with one of our Elite Chaski Coaches who can answer whatever you can throw our way (hopefully, it’s related to endurance sport). Common questions include:

  • Safe ways to build mileage/long run distance

  • Advice for race scheduling

  • How to deal with UTMB/ITRA points, how to qualify for Western States 100

  • How to qualify for Boston Marathon and other World Marathon Majors

  • Advice on fueling/nutrition/hydration

  • Advice on incorporating cross-training, strength, and flexibility

  • Advice on enhanced recovery (e.g. ice baths, sauna, massage, etc.)

Consultations can be done by audio or video and start at $69 for an hour.

From $99

College Recruitment Consultation

[New! For high school athletes!]


Former High School National Champion and Chaski Coach, Ashley Brasovan, is here to help you with all things related to college sports. Whether you’re a freshman or already filling out college apps, it’s never too early or too late to start thinking about being on a college team. The college recruiting process can be daunting, especially for endurance sports, and Ashley’s wealth of experience (on both sides) will help you/your child understand what options they have for competing in college.


If you’re a superstar (like Ashley) looking to compete on a D1 powerhouse, or you just want to know if you’ll be able to walk onto a club team, talking with someone who understands recruitment, financial aid, and your options will help you make the most of your college experience. She will assist the athlete with reaching out to coaches, drafting emails and text, creation of timelines/deadline, negotiation, explanation of NCAA rules and regulations for high school athletes, and other related services.

60 minute consultations - $99

Monthly plans available starting at $299/mo

Packages with coaching available -- contact us for pricing.

No refunds will be offered on Chaski Consultations

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