5 Yoga Poses For Runners

Dear Team Chaski,

I love running but often find I am so inflexible that other activities I want to enjoy are more difficult? How do I stretch better and how often would you advise?

Rigidly yours,

Alex D.

We got Ashley Brasovan to share an at-home yoga sequence for any athlete that is well worth your time. We often wish we stretched more but often find ourselves not knowing how, this sequence really helps!

Ashley says, “Yoga is one of my favorite at-home workouts that can be done with a yoga mat and some extra space in your living room. There are several yoga studios that offer free on-demand yoga classes that you can stream right to your house making this exercise really simple to do anywhere!” 
5 Pose Yoga Sequence With Ashley Brasovan:

We love to do this routine for about 15 minutes three to four times a week, but add into your routine however you like.

Child’s Pose: great for relaxing and clearing your mind

Downward Dog: great hamstring and calf stretch (especially great after sitting/working from home all day)

Half Pigeon: helps to stretch glutes and loosen up hips

Tree Pose: works stabilization, core, and balancing muscles (great for all athletes!)

Cobra: allows you to stretch back/spine and work on extension


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