[Chaski Book Club] Week 1 - Welcome to the Chaski Book Club!

Updated: May 10

Below you’ll find this week’s discussion questions, which cover the intro and first 2 chapters of the book (about 65 minutes worth of audiobook/slow reading). Note, that since these chapters are short, we'll have a separate post for each chapter's questions (below). A reminder that you can see all the posts easily in one place by following #ChaskiBookClub.

We’re so excited to start this with Haruki Murakami’s fantastic memoir. We can’t wait to hear from all of you and hopefully have you all connect with each other as well.

This is our first monthly book, so please don’t hesitate to send any feedback - positive or negative. We want this to be simple and fun for you and we’re sure we’ll figure things out better once we actually start the discussion.

Thanks and happy reading!

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Week 1 - Intro

Week 1 - Ch. 1

Week 1 - Ch. 2