Welcome to the Chaski Book Club

Updated: Jul 26

We’re excited to announce the Chaski Book Club!

Read along with other Chaski coaches, athletes, and fans and talk about some of our (and soon to be your) favorite books - on running, endurance, life, and everything in between.

Our staff of elite athlete-coaches will announce a book each month. We’ll suggest manageable weekly chunks and lead guided discussions each week via the Chaski Facebook Page.

The first book will be:

“What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami.

Why? It’s a short book (only 193 pages) and a wonderful memoir of a fantastic writer who’s also a passionate, long-time runner.

We'll give you time to get the book and the first discussion will begin on Monday, May 18.

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How will this work?

Each Monday, we’ll create a new post on the Chaski Facebook Page, which will include that week’s chapter(s) to read and discussion questions to think about. We’ll also post these updates to the Chaski Blog, which can be sent to your inbox by subscribing at the top of the blog page.

You can read at your own pace over the week and then reply to the discussion questions (via a comment on that week’s post) with your own thoughts, read over the thoughts of the rest of the group and - hopefully - learn something new from everyone else’s ideas and engage in some real conversations.

If you’re arriving late, or want to easily go back, you can see all the Chaski Book Club posts and discussions in one place by viewing #ChaskiBookClub on Facebook.

We plan to read 1 book per month (though some longer books might have to be split) and at the end of each book have a live video-call discussion with whomever wants to join to talk about the book as a whole, get your feedback, and announce the next book.

What’s the catch? How much will I have to pay?

The catch is that we’re a bunch of nerds that like to read :)

You’ll never have to pay a dime for the Chaski Book Club. We do, however, believe in supporting artists and writers, so please buy their books.