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Chaski Pride Program 2021

Program Description

To be selected as an Ambassador is an honor and excellent opportunity for personal and athletic development. Chaski Pride (Ambassadors) are a prized group of Chaski Community volunteers who serve as the face of the Chaski Endurance Collective brand and positively represent the company at events and online. They also provide feedback and ideas to Chaski  as a whole as well as outreach to prospective and current athletes. Ambassadors possess strong interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, a genuine interest in meeting new people, and a sense of pride in the brand, our community, and mission.

Our mission is to empower athletes and foster community.

Our Values

Our mission is to empower athletes and foster community.

We want to empower athletes of all levels; this includes athletes whom we coach, our coaching staff, and the fans of the sport with whom we engage through our community outreach. To empower we use the following approaches:

  1. Provide physical support - outstanding 1-on-1 coaching.

  2. Provide emotional support - coaches and fellow athletes who will listen and encourage before and after any outcome.

  3. Provide intellectual support - engaging informational content such as blogs, posts, and interviews.

To foster community, we want to connect athletes across the spectra of sporting specialty and ability, geographic location, and general walks of life. Our culture is inclusive. Directly our global community is made up of coaches, paying athletes, sponsors and non-coached fans. Indirectly it is all endurance athletes who may interact with the Chaski Collective.


Opportunities and Expectations for Chaski Pride

1 - Participate in monthly meetings.

2 - Serve as a positive role model for current and prospective athletes and be accessible to answer questions to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

3 - Become well versed in the Chaski mission, philosophy, programs, opportunities, history, etc.

4 - When representing the brand, present a positive image reflected in behavior, attitude, speech, dress, etc (on and offline).

5 - To minimize conflicts, Ambassadors should have excellent time management skills so that work and other obligations do not hinder their ability to participate in this program.

6 - Be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with a diverse group of people and personalities

7 - Possess a genuine desire to further Chaski’s mission and growth to become a pioneer and leader in endurance sport.

8 - Conduct all Ambassador business in a professional manner. 


9 - Be authentically you and use your own preferred modes of communication when conveying the brand voice, values and mission. 


10 - When possible, attend Chaski community events. 


11 - Wear Chaski branded clothing when attending online or live Chaski community events.  


12 - Use the approved Chaski tags and hashtags when posting.  

Opportunities and Expectations for Chaski Pride

Organizational Status

  • Ambassadors report directly to the Pride Team Program Leader(s)

  • Pride Team Leaders report directly to the Director of Marketing (who reports to Chaski CEO, Tyler Andrews)

Team Requirements

  • Tag Chaski in related social posts.

  • Use #herecomeschaski #chaskipride hashtags when posting. 

  • Engage with the Chaski community by commenting on our social pages.

  • Help us to create authentic content (that you are interested in).

    • Pictures

    • Videos

    • Blogs

    • Interviews

  • Participate in live and virtual events we host (for free or discounted rates).

  • Join or create local running clubs and help spread the Chaski mission.​​

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