Biomechanical Analysis/Online Physical Therapy

Our resident Chaski Physical Therapist Sue McNatt, MSPT, is here not only to keep you running healthy but to help you find and address any weaknesses or inefficiencies in your running mechanics that could cause a problem down the road. 


Analysis and PT can be done virtually from anywhere on Earth with a camera and an internet connection.

Biomechanical Analysis/Online Physical Therapy

Select your Program
    • Initial evaluation and consultation

    • Professional running gait video analysis

    • Custom targeted strength and mobility plan

    • Two follow-up appointments to review and adjust

    Our most popular PT plan is our Biomechanical Analysis Package. This involves an initial evaluation to examine basic range of motion, strength, and balance through a variety of tests. You’ll also send a few short running clips to be analyzed, followed by a second visit to discuss any findings and review instructions for exercises that will help target any imbalances and weaknesses. You’ll have two more follow-up appointments, one after about 2 weeks and another after about 6 weeks, to review progress and tweak the exercises if necessary. 

    If you have a history of injury or if you’re interested in improving performance by addressing inefficiencies in your mechanics, this is for you.