One-time Training Consultation -  1 hour call

From mileage build-ups to college recruitment, talk with one of our Chaski pro-athlete coaches.


Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a multi-month online coaching program but have some questions? Schedule a one-time call with one of our Elite Chaski Coaches who can answer whatever you can throw our way (hopefully, it’s related to endurance sport).

One-time Training Consultation - 1 hour call

  • One-time Training Consultation

    Common questions include:

    • Safe ways to build mileage/long run distance

    • Advice for race scheduling

    • How to deal with UTMB/ITRA points, how to qualify for Western States 100

    • How to qualify for Boston Marathon and other World Marathon Majors

    • Advice on fueling/nutrition/hydration

    • Advice on incorporating cross-training, strength, and flexibility

    • Advice on enhanced recovery (e.g. ice baths, sauna, massage, etc.)

    Consultations can be done by audio or video call.