Runner’s Nutrition Consultation

Our In-House Chaski Running Nutritionist Carolyn Stocker, RD, will provide an analysis of your current diet and nutrition (based on a food-log you’ll have to complete) and offer helpful ideas and solutions to any particular dietary issues you might be facing. 

Runner’s Nutrition Consultation

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  • Want to fuel your body better and don’t know where to start? There’s no time like the present.

    ​Dealing with a nut allergy or gluten intolerance? This is a great way to figure out how that might affect your overall nutrition and your ability to fuel on race day.

    The Chaski Nutrition Package Includes

    • Completion of three day food record and sports nutrition questionnaire prior to scheduled consultation. These forms will be delivered to your email.

    • 60-90 minutes video-call discussion including:

      • Meal and snack planning for optimal energy intake

        • Assess your nutrition needs

        • Build a plan based on your schedule

      • Performance Nutrition

        • Nutrient timing and recovery nutrition and hydration

        • Discuss nutritional challenges affecting your performance (travel, over-training, GI disturbances, anemia)

        • Injury recovery

        • Supplement review and guidance

      • Develop healthy relationship with food

      • Eating to maintain, lose, or gain weight.

      • Addressing how nutrition affects sleep, recovery, blood sugar, and food cravings

    • Goal setting

    • 1 Follow-up appointment (40 min video call) is included ideally within 4 weeks from initial consult w/ additional appointments available as needed. 

    • Recommended ongoing nutrition education to develop your nutrition program

    • Continuous email support up to 1 month post initial consult or until follow up