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Functional Strength, Mobility, and Yoga for Runners

Strength Training, Mobility, and Yoga classes for runners of all levels to reduce injury risk, increase strength, and improve running economy

Chaski’s pro athlete coaches and trainers lead live online classes for runners of all levels twice weekly. Join us for one moth or sign up for a year of Community Membership, including access to all workout classes (live and recorded), 3x monthly Chaski Masterclasses (live and recording), Coaching Q&As, and more.

The Deets​

  • ​4 x 1 hour functional strength class per month

  • 4 x 1 hour  mobility & yoga class per month

  • Recordings available if you can't make a class!

  • Access to ALL class recordings (100+ hours of classes)

  • Mondays, 5pm PST (8pm ET) -  Mobility & Yoga

  • Wednesdays, 5pm PST (8pm ET) - Functional Strength Training

  • Pro athlete and C.S.C.S program leader, Kimber Mattox leads Strength and Mobility classes

  • Pro Yoga Instructor Sarah Burns leads Yoga classes specifically for runners new to yoga

  • Functional strength designed for runners of all levels

  • Focus on injury prevention, running economy, increased speed

  • Active, dynamic yoga classes are more than just stretching.

  • Progressive program designed to improve balance, proprioception, stability, and mobility.

  • No weights required! Bring a small strength band only.

  • Only $1 per class ($99 Annual Membership) or $3 per class with monthly membership

  • FREE for Chaski Coaching athletes

$25 per month (monthly payments, no contract)

$8.29 per month (with $99.50 annual payment with code "communitylaunch")


Functional Strength for Runners:

The focus of this class will be using strength training to reduce injury risk and improve running economy. We will focus on core and hip strength, stability and balance, and movement patterns that are specific to building strong and durable runners. You will get a solid workout in each class, while also learning exercises, techniques, and cues that you can take away and use on your own. 

Functional Mobility for Runners:

The focus of this class will be using foam rolling, stretching, and yoga based poses to improve flexibility and mobility with the goal of reducing injury risk and improving functional movement patterns. Some classes we will start with 10 minutes of core, but the remainder of the class will be restorative in nature, targeting the most common areas of tension and movement restriction in runners. A typical class will involve foam rolling and prolonged hold type stretching with major focus on hips and lower body.


An Intro to (Dynamic, Active) Yoga for Runners

Have you ever cringed at the idea of yoga, either because ‘it’s just stretching’ or because ‘you aren’t flexible enough’? Then this is the series for you. Yoga involves a variety of active, dynamic sequences that put the body through full ranges of motions (particularly regarding the shoulders, spine, and hips) and challenge your core, muscles, and joints with body weight training. It will help you elongate cramped, tight muscles in the lower back and the legs; strengthen small muscles groups—like the ankles—that are easily overlooked; improve your balance; and deepen the mind-body connection that can improve athletic performance.

The six-week series will get you moving through the basics of power yoga, reviewing and building up each week. I will cue how to move into poses—without bombarding you with any of the names—and how to find different sensations while you are there, in a way that you can understand while also getting sweaty. Modifications will always be offered and guided; yoga is good for everybody, but not every pose works for every body.

Classes will be taught via zoom, so you can work out from your own garage or living room. They will also be recorded and sent out afterwards, so if you miss class or need to do your workout at a different time you will be able to do that too.

Kimber has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for college, elite, and community level athletes and loves teaching people how to use strength to improve their running, so you are sure to learn some things!

Sarah has been working with runners of all levels, from high school beginners to seasoned pros, for most of the last decade. A runner herself, she loves to teach other runners that you don't need to be flexible to get started and that yoga has so much to offer runners.

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