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Dani Moreno

· Sub-ultra Trail & Mountain Specialist
· Pro runner
· Chaski / USATF Certified Coach

Personal Bests

· 5K: 16:33 // 10K 34:17
· Half Marathon: 1:17:19


· USATF 50k Trail Champion - 2019
· 4 x USA Team Member
· NACAC Mountain Running Champion - 2019
· 2 x XTERRA World Championship - 2018 & 2019
· US Skyrunning Champion - 2018
· US Skyrunning Team Member - 2018
· Broken Arrow 26k Champion - 2018


A Workhorse with a Free-Spirit


Dani Moreno is a professional trail runner who trains and works in Santa Barbara, Ca. After competing at the Division 1 level for UC Santa Barbara, she took a few years away from running before finding the trails. From the beginning, she found success and has steadily worked her way onto prestigious podiums.

While she focuses on sub-trail and mountain races, ranging in distance from 25k-50k, she won the 2019 USATF 50k Trail Championship in her ultra debut.


Dani is a big advocate of finding a balance between your running and work-life and believes that training plans should be flexible to match your busy schedule. Her coaching motto is, "It's okay to start over, but don't make a habit out of it." She believes it's a coach's job to give you workouts that will help you achieve your goal, that you wouldn't give yourself. She is also a big advocate of an athlete knowing "why" they are doing something, and loves sharing knowledge and perspectives on how all the pieces fit together.