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Dani Moreno

· Sub-ultra Trail & Mountain Specialist
· Pro runner
· Chaski / USATF Certified Coach

Personal Bests

· 5K: 16:33 // 10K 34:17
· Half Marathon: 1:17:19


· USATF 50k Trail Champion - 2019
· 4 x USA Team Member
· NACAC Mountain Running Champion - 2019
· 2 x XTERRA World Championship - 2018 & 2019
· US Skyrunning Champion - 2018
· US Skyrunning Team Member - 2018
· Broken Arrow 26k Champion - 2018


A Workhorse with a Free-Spirit

Dani Moreno is a professional trail runner who trains and works in Santa Barbara, Ca. After competing at the Division 1 level for UC Santa Barbara, she took a few years away from running before finding the trails. From the beginning, she found success and has steadily worked her way onto prestigious podiums.

While she focuses on sub-trail and mountain races, ranging in distance from 25k-50k, she won the 2019 USATF 50k Trail Championship in her ultra debut.

Dani is a big advocate of finding a balance between your running and work-life and believes that training plans should be flexible to match your busy schedule. Her coaching motto is, "It's okay to start over, but don't make a habit out of it." She believes it's a coach's job to give you workouts that will help you achieve your goal, that you wouldn't give yourself. She is also a big advocate of an athlete knowing "why" they are doing something, and loves sharing knowledge and perspectives on how all the pieces fit together.

When she's not training or working as a full-time Program Manager, she is outside pursuing her other hobbies such as climbing, lobster diving, skydiving, motorcycle riding, snowboarding, ocean kayaking, and fishing. One could call her an "Adrenaline Junkie".