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Fredy Moposita

Track, Roads, XC, Ultra, Paralmypics
Ecuador National Coach, Sports Scientist
Ecuadorian National Federation / IOC Certified Coach

A True Chaski Coach


Born and raised in the high mountains outside of Quito, Ecuador, Fredy is a literal descendent of the Chaskis of the Inca Empire. After studying sports science at the Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas, Fredy rose to prominence as one of the most respected coaches and sports scientists in Ecuador.

During his career, Fredy has published numerous scientific papers, his research specifically focusing on the effects of high altitude training on endurance athletes. He’s received accreditations from the Federacion Ecuatoriano de Atletismo and the International Olympic Committee.


Fredy has coached athletes who have competed at the Olympic Games, including Miguel Angel Almachi and dozens of World, National, and South American team members and medalists on the track and roads. In 2010, he also began working with para-athletes, training many National and Paralympic medalists along the way.

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