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Izzy Ray

· Mountain, Trail, Ski-mo
· Chaski / USATF Certified Coach
· Certified UESCA Ultrarunning Coach

Personal Bests


· Climbed Peak 11,300 - Youngest Known to Summit (19y) and Youngest Team (19y & 20y), 2011
· 1st - Horse Lake 25k, Debut Trail Race, 2019
· 5th - USATF Pacific Northwest Trail Championships - Open Division, 2019
· 1st - Deschutes River 50k, 2019
· 2021 Badger Mountain 50M - 4th Place
· 2021 Red Devil 50K - 1st Place and CR
· 2021 Horse Lake 25K - 1st Place and CR


All Around Mountain Athlete


Izzy has been a longtime endurance athlete with a penchant for grinding it out. He started in Southern California spending long days in the pool playing water polo and swimming. However, things took a sharp turn when he moved to Alaska early in high school. Because an indoor pool is the worst way you can spend your time in AK, he jumped into everything else: backcountry skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing, long distance cycling, and mountain running. While never an outstanding technician, his strength lay in his athleticism and endurance.

In 2018 he moved south to Washington state where he now lives and trains. In 2019, he shifted his focus to what his new home best offers: trails. Lots of them. Up and down, some grinding climbs, some rolling single-track. For someone who likes to spend his time putting one foot in front of the other, gritting his teeth, and sometimes bonking hard, ultrarunning is an ideal pursuit. While he’s had to adapt his training, his decade plus of structured training in mountain sports and endurance pursuits has allowed him to rapidly progress.


His first few trail races have been opportunities for learning. He’s come away with a few wins at the local races he’s run, and felt poised to compete on a larger stage. With races being limited, he’s biding his time and setting his sights on setting some fast times on local test pieces.