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Josh Sadlock

Personal Bests

· Mile: 4:16
· 5K: 14:47 // 10 Miles: 50:28
· Half Marathon: 1:08:04 // Marathon: 2:22:28


· Two-year XC Captain at Lafayette College
· 2013 Mid-Atlantic Runner of the Year


Old Man


Josh’s mom dragged him to a voluntary cross country practice the summer before his freshman year of high school because she figured his 115-pound frame just might not be made out to hack it playing football at a high school that has produced such NFL greats as Ricky Watters and LeSean McCoy. He hated the idea at the time, but was shocked to discover a natural running ability and has embarked on a decade-plus running journey.

Josh embraced the sport whole-heartedly in the middle of his junior year of high school, when upon getting fed up with riding the bench on the varsity baseball team, he decided to run four miles as hard as he could every day after practice and ended up running under 10 minutes for the two mile. This approach seems to have stuck, and Josh has constantly left coaches and teammates perplexed by his inability to complete an easy run slower than 7:00 pace.


After a successful career at Lafayette College, Josh moved up to the marathon and had success at a young age, finishing on the podium at the Vermont City Marathon in 2:22 (can we get a Vaporfly conversion, please!). Shortly after that breakthrough marathon, Josh and his wife Madeline had a daughter, and running took a back seat for a few years. The break from running at a high level turned into the perfect reset period, and after getting back into training at the end of 2017, Josh was surprised to find his body felt fresh and ready for more. He’s still chipping away at his old PR’s and enjoying adding a bit of speedwork to keep his marathon legs sharp. Josh has been blessed to work with three incredible coaches in his career, who have all stressed long-term development over immediate results, which has only fueled his love and passion for the sport.