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Kat Ross

· Member of 2018 US Long Distance Mountain Running Team
· Former Assistant Cross County & Track Coach at Fort Lewis College

Personal Bests

· Jemez Mountain Run 50km – 5/19/2018 – 1st female & course record – 5:09:33
· Flagstaff Endurance Run 39km – 10/7/2017 – (US LD Mtn Running team qualifier) – 1st female – 4:58.22
· Pikes Peak Ascent – 8/19/2017 – 5th female – 2:55:01
· Power of Four 50km – 8/6/2017 - 1st female – 6:11:09
· Kendall Mountain Run – 7/22/2017 – 1st female – 1:57.19 (2nd fastest time ever on the course, Stevie Kremer has the women’s CR)
· San Juan Solstice 50 miler – 6/24/2017 – 2nd female – 11:12:26
· Grand Traverse Mountain Run – 2nd female – 7:40:09


· On-going Master's Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Metro State University of Denver
· 2018 Long-distance Mountain Running Championships



Kat (short for Kathryn) has experience as a former junior elite and professional triathlete having been on numerous US national teams for both triathlon and trail/mountain running. Most recently, Kathryn was a member of the 2018 US Long Distance Mountain Running Team and competed at the Long-Distance Mountain Running Championships in Karpacz, Poland. Additionally, she has over 11 years of experience as a youth and adult triathlon coach, high school and club team swim coach, and as the Assistant Cross County & Track Coach at Fort Lewis College, a Division II school in Durango, CO.

Kat lives in Durango, CO with her partner - Tate, dog - Lupe, and cat - Bridger. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology.


Currently Kat is working towards a master’s degree in human nutrition and dietetics at Metro State University of Denver with an expected graduation date of spring 2022. Kat continues to run often, and loves a good dirt road to cruise on, as well as running on the numerous trails in Durango and the surrounding mountains! Kat also enjoys swimming at the local pool and lake Nighthorse in Durango, riding her gravel bike, and cross-country skiing and backcountry splitboarding in the winter!