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Rachel Boim

Doctor of Physical Therapy
PhD of Rehabilitation Science
Mountain, Ultra Wold traveler
Dancer, dog mom, climber of tall things


Rachel earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In December of 2018, she left academia to pursue a career as a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist. She specializes in treating runners, powerlifters and dancers.

As a life-long athlete, dancer, and now health care professional, Rachel strives to provide a holistic, total body approach to fitness, rehabilitation and wellness. She performs extensive video and in person biomechanical analysis to evaluate alignment, gait, strength and mobility in order to provide therapeutic interventions for existing injuries and correct imbalances to prevent future injuries.


In addition to being Chaski’s in-house Physical Therapist, Rachel is also the Director of Community Development – working to strengthen and build the Chaski Community, locally and world-wide.

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