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The Chaski Difference

Since Day-1, we knew we wanted to do things differently. Chaski was founded with a community-focused, long-term vision and a goal of creating a new, unique way to empower athletes and foster community around the globe.

Community Connection

Online communication platform to connect with other athletes, running camps, local run clubs, online strength training and yoga classes, live and online workshops

A connection to one coach

Training Philosophy

A collection of great minds and collaboration between coaches

Based on one “guru”


A coach for any event

One generalized coach


USATF, Chaski residency program and more

No requirements

Coaches work with…

Manageable athlete loads

As many athletes as possible

Athlete Extras

Huge savings on shoes, gear, fuel

Extra what?

Beyond Coaching

Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Strength Training, Yoga and more

Limited to nothing


Awesome, high quality community swag

Maybe a T-shirt

Elite coaching staff

Competed at the highest levels


Anything else?

Join us to find out

What else is there?


The Old Standard

Collective Model

Chaski is based up on the idea that, as a Collective, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Rather than being based on one person's experience, ego, or knowledge, Chaski's strength is the unprecedented diversity and experience of our Collective's members. This allows us to provide our athletes with the best possible coaching experience.

Together, we have decades of experience and hundreds of happier, healthier, and higher-performing athletes as proof that our Collective is right for anyone.

Collective Model

Elite Coaching Staff

The Chaski coaching staff is composed almost entirely of current and former elite athletes. They've trained and competed at the highest level in sport and can use that experience, along with rigorous coaching training and certification, to guide other athletes toward their goals, no matter the level.

Are elite athletes automatically great coaches? Of course not. There are plenty of examples of great coaches who come from less-competitive backgrounds (and vice versa). But, elite athletes have unique experience, which, coupled with extensive training, can make a great coach.

Elite Coaching Staff

Fostering Community

We've created a real community of athletes of all levels. We recognize the power of connection and so rather than just interacting with a single coach, all our athletes and coaches are encouraged to connect with the entire community through social gatherings, online Q&As, bonus workouts, discussion groups, and even the Chaski Book Club. We love our sport and our community and we strive to create unique content, events, etc. to help foster interaction and engage in our sport together. 

As individuals, we're strong; but as a group, we're unstoppable.

Fostering Community

Athlete Empowerment

Empowering athletes is why we're here. Whether that empowerment flows directly from your personal Chaski Coach or a connection to another athlete in the Chaski community, our goal is to show you that you're capable of so much more than you ever realized.


In our collective model, the empowerment flows both ways: as our elite athlete-coaches inspire and motivate you,  our athletes also teach us to be better coaches, athletes, and human-beings.

Athlete Empowerment
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