The Unofficial 50km

World Championships


Chaski People's Ultra 50km

Saturday, November 28 &

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Run together, from anywhere, all for free


A race to run & an event to watch

Open Race: Mass start 9am ET. Saturday, Nov. 28 - start with the pros! (Or run at your convenience any time in the week before)

Unofficial World Champs Race: 9am EDT. Saturday, Nov. 28

A 100% free virtual ultra-marathon featuring a live broadcast of the Unofficial 50km World Championship race.

Free Registration​ - Open Race

Elite Athlete Registration

Unofficial World Championships


Chaski People's Ultra - Open Race

The Unofficial 50km World Championships


By Athletes, For Athletes

The Details: Runners will compete for individual prize money and national pride around the world simultaneously on measured short-loop courses, with live commentary, race visualizations, and video updates from around the world.


Live splits will be updated by team managers to allow for world-wide live tracking for competitors and fans.


Prize Money: US$2,500 has been committed in individual prize money, with more expected as sponsorship commitments grow. Teams will feature 3 athletes (minimum) per country)


When: Simultaneous run across time zones Saturday, Nov. 28. The following list is simply for demonstration - athletes can run ANYWHERE worldwide as long as they are accepted and run on appropriate courses.


Start times in major cities

06:00 - Los Angeles

09:00 - New York

13:00 - London

14:00 - Johannesburg 

15:00 - Nairobi

17:00 - Dubai

19:00 - Singapore

20:00 - Tokyo

21:00 - Sydney

23:00 - Auckland


Where: Worldwide on 5K, 4km, 2km, 1km, or 400m loops in the athletes local area.


Committed teams: (as of 15-August-2020) USA, Canada, Japan, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Norway


Live Coverage and Storytelling: Our goal is to not only create an awesome competition between athletes, but also give fans an exciting, engaging, free broadcast. The broadcast will feature a continuous live-stream with professional commentary, our live visualization app so that both competitors and fans can know exactly what’s happening in the individual and team races, and video highlights sent in from around the globe.  Based on the success of the Chaski Challenge, we expect an organic media reach of approx. 5 million people.


Mass Participation: Anyone will be allowed to run simultaneously with the elite race; however, only invited athletes will be eligible for team scoring in the World Championship Division due to certification of running routes. Prizes will be given out for fastest finishers in the open race, country with most finishers per capita, etc.


Registration: There is no cost to register. Contact us with questions at or fill out the form below.


Chaski People's Ultra & Relay


Ultra Marathon: 50km

Relay: 3-person teams running 32km (20 miles), 12km (7.5 miles), 6km (3.75 miles)

Did your summer or fall ultra race get cancelled? Running a virtual race and looking for another medal? Want to compete virtually alongside the best in the world? Welcome to the Chaski People's Ultra & Relay.

You can run/jog/walk on the road, on a track, on a treadmill, or even around your living room if that's what you have available.


Mass Start: 9am ET on Saturday, Nov 28, 2020


Choose your start: Run at your convenience during the week of ​November 23 - 29

We miss the pre-race hype as much as you do and that's why we want to try to recreate that feeling with a mass start time across time-zones featuring a pre-race (virtual) pump up zone.


This will coincide with the start of the Unofficial 50km World Championships, so we'll have introductions of top athletes and teams, as well as warm-up exercises, and words of encouragement to get you ready to go!

Of course, we also recognize the value of being able to run on your own schedule. So, we're also giving you the option of racing any time during the week leading up to the race!


First, make sure you register

Next, go out and train your butt off - and don't forget to post and use #ChaskiChallengeUltra and #ChaskiChallengeRelay so we can highlight your hard work!

Then comes race week. As mentioned above, you have two options. You can either participate in our mass start at 9am on Saturday November 28 OR you can run your marathon any time in the week leading up to the race.

How does the running actually work?

Simply go out and run your race: 31.1 miles (50km) on a measured course, treadmill, or using a GPS watch to track distance. Make sure you obey local recommendations and restrictions regarding exercise and group gatherings.

The Ultra Relay

If you're running the relay, your team of 3 runners will choose and run one leg of 32km (20 miles), 12km (7.5 miles), 6km (3.75 miles). Your relay team does NOT need to be in the same physical space and may run at the same time or different times.


You'll submit your times individually and the sum of your three times will be your team's time. The team with the lowest total time will be the winner.


Once you've finished, give yourself a pat on the back, and then submit your result via our registration system (details to follow in email). 


Finally, submit your time to our results database (and give yourself a pat on the back!) Note - in order to qualify for prizes, you must submit GPS data along with your time.

The best part? You can tune in and follow our live webcast of the professional marathon relay the same evening. Get ready for a great show!


What do I get? 

We want to make these events as accessible to the running world as possible and we know that many people want to have a goal race on the calendar but can't afford to pay to enter.


Thus, our races are and always will be free to register, participate, be part of the community, receive a print-at-home race number, have your results posted on our website, and even win awesome prizes!

If you'd like any of the "extras" you might be used to at a normal race, like a t-shirt, awesome medal, high quality race number, or other swag, we're selling those for folks who want them.

Awards and Prizes

Chaski People's Ultra will feature prizes from our sponsors for top times as well as giveaways pre- and post-race. Stay tuned for details!

Prizes will be announced in early October



Frequently Asked Questions

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