The New Standard in

Online Coaching

Chaski is re-inventing online coaching

for athletes of all levels

around the world.

We've trained an unprecedented collective of world-class coaches.

We're building a real community of athletes, coaches, and fans.


We're telling the world to come together and re-imagine their limits.

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New Approach

Our Collective

We’re greater than the sum of our parts. As individuals, we're strong; but as a community, we're unstoppable.


Human-To Human

Online Coaching

Our personalized, human-to-human coaching is more than just numbers and graphs. 

Only the Best


We hand pick elite athletes and help them become world-class coaches, learning and growing together.

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We’ve built a community of athletes of all levels, inspiring with their stories, caring for one another, and engaging in the sport.


What is Chaski?

Chaski Endurance Collective is here to re-invent online coaching. We strive to empower athletes of all levels and foster community through human-to-human, adaptive coaching.

Chaski Coaches are all current or former elite competitors themselves. Thanks to their diverse and world-class experience along with our rigorous in-house coaching curriculum and required certifications, our team is qualified to coach you to your best at any distance and any surface.


The Chaski Difference

Since Day-1, we knew we wanted to do things differently. Chaski was founded with a community-focused, long-term vision and a goal of creating a new, unique way to empower athletes and foster community around the globe.

Community Connection

Community of athletes & coaches

A connection to one coach

Training Philosophy

A collection of great minds with collaborative strategies

Based on one “guru”


A coach for any event

One coach, one speciality


USATF, Chaski, and more


Coaches work with…

Manageable athlete loads

as many athletes as will sign up

Athlete Extras

Workouts, coach Q&As, discounts

Limited & inconsistent

Beyond Coaching

Nutrition, Strength, PT, & more

Limited & inconsistent


Awesome, community swag


Elite coaching staff

Competed at the highest levels


Anything else?

Huge savings on shoes, gear, fuel


The Old Standard


"It's so inspiring to me to know that my coach is competing at the front of these huge races - but he's also just an awesome, hilarious person."

- Stanley K., Marathoner

Coaching and more



  • Elite coach pairing

  • Chaski private community access

  • Initial coaching evaluation

  • Monthly coaching call

  • Monthly training program adjustments


Our most popular program


  • Elite coach pairing

  • Chaski private community access

  • Initial coaching evaluation

  • Weekly coaching call

  • Weekly training program adjustments

  • Unlimited* text/email communication



  • Elite coach pairing

  • Chaski private community access

  • Initial coaching evaluation

  • Weekly coaching call

  • Unlimited training program adjustments

  • Unlimited text/email communication

  • Biomechanical Analysis Package ($349 value)

  • Personalized Private Runner’s Yoga ($1,428 value)

  • Running Nutrition Consultation ($299 value)

  • Chaski merch Credit ($100 value)

Prices are based on a 6 month coaching program. For month to month pricing, scroll down.

*Within reason. We’re all human.


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Our Team 

Chaski isn't centered around one person or one philosophy, but is made up of 20+ world class athlete-coaches.


Mike Wardian

Devon Yanko

Coree Woltering

Dani Moreno

Chaski: Our Worldwide Community