Mission and Goals

Our mission is to empower athletes and foster community. 

Okay, that sounds great; but can you be more specific?


We want to empower athletes of all levels through support; this includes athletes whom we coach, our coaching staff, and the fans of the sport with whom we engage through our community outreach.

Supporting our Athletes

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We believe that athletes of all levels can benefit from working with a coach and that elite athletes have the potential to inspire and, with proper training, be fantastic coaches.


We believe that every single one of our coaches brings something unique in their background as a high level athlete/coach, and will always provide a world-class experience to our athletes.


We believe in an adaptive and human-to-human coaching style, where athletes and coaches work together to map out and work towards goals while constantly adjusting plans based on real-world circumstances.


We believe that an athlete who is working towards a set goal with a true love for the process and engagement in the sport will be a happier human.

Supporting our Coaches

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We believe that high-level athletes have the potential to become great coaches thanks to their skills, knowledge, and experience and, after passing our rigorous coaching curriculum, will meet that potential.


We believe that giving high-level athletes a flexible and fair-paying job will help them to become better athletes, better coaches, and happier humans.


We believe that high-level endurance athletes are generally under-valued and poorly utilized by modern sponsorship deals and we want to help athletes improve and grow their personal brands to better support themselves.


We want to create a community of athletes where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We want to connect athletes across the spectra of sporting specialty and ability, geographic location, and general walks of life.

Stronger Together


We believe that our communities of athletes, coaches, and fans are all greater together as one Collective than as the sum of their parts.


We believe that no single coach has all the answers for every athlete and that no one specific training plan is right for every athlete.

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We believe that engagement with the sport and a community of fellow athletes will help provide motivation and inspiration for all to become stronger athletes and happier humans.

Engagement in the Sport

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We believe that the best way to grow is by creating amazing content and sharing (almost) all of it for free.


We believe that athletes who are more engaged in the sport will enjoy their own pursuits more fully and be inspired by the feats of elite performers.


We believe that endurance sports are awesome for their extensive history but are often stuck in the past and thus ripe for innovation in terms of new types of events, coverage, and sponsorships.


We believe that introducing high-level athletes as approachable and relatable humans will create long-term fans.