What is Chaski? 

Chaski Endurance Collective is here to re-invent online coaching. We strive to empower athletes of all levels and foster community through human-to-human, adaptive coaching.

Chaski Coaches are all current or former elite competitors themselves. Thanks to their diverse and world-class experience along with our rigorous in-house coaching curriculum and required certifications, our team is qualified to coach you to your best at any distance and any surface.

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Chaski Endurance Collective

Mission and Goals

Our mission is to empower athletes and foster community. 

Okay, that sounds great; but can you be more specific?


Sure, let’s split this into two parts.

1. Empowerment - We want to empower athletes of all levels through support; this includes athletes whom we coach, our coaching staff, and the fans of the sport with whom we engage through our community outreach.


Supporting our Athletes

  • We believe that athletes of all levels can benefit from working with a coach and that elite athletes have the potential to inspire and, with proper training, be fantastic coaches.

  • We believe that every single one of our coaches brings something unique in their background as a high level athlete/coach, and will always provide a world-class experience to our athletes.

  • We believe in an adaptive and human-to-human coaching style, where athletes and coaches work together to map out and work towards goals while constantly adjusting plans based on real-world circumstances.

  • We believe that an athlete who is working towards a set goal with a true love for the process and engagement in the sport will be a happier human.


Supporting our Coaches

  • We believe that high-level athletes have the potential to become great coaches thanks to their skills, knowledge, and experience and, after passing our rigorous coaching curriculum, will meet that potential.

  • We believe that giving high-level athletes a flexible and fair-paying job will help them to become better athletes, better coaches, and happier humans.

  • We believe that high-level endurance athletes are generally under-valued and poorly utilized by modern sponsorship deals and we want to help athletes improve and grow their personal brands to better support themselves.


2. Community - We want to create a community of athletes where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We want to connect athletes across the spectra of sporting specialty and ability, geographic location, and general walks of life.


Stronger Together

  • We believe that our communities of athletes, coaches, and fans are all greater together as one Collective than as the sum of their parts.

  • We believe that no single coach has all the answers for every athlete and that no one specific training plan is right for every athlete.

  • We believe that engagement with the sport and a community of fellow athletes will help provide motivation and inspiration for all to become stronger athletes and happier humans.


Engagement in the Sport

  • We believe that the best way to grow is by creating amazing content and sharing (almost) all of it for free.

  • We believe that athletes who are more engaged in the sport will enjoy their own pursuits more fully and be inspired by the feats of elite performers.

  • We believe that endurance sports are awesome for their extensive history but are often stuck in the past and thus ripe for innovation in terms of new types of events, coverage, and sponsorships.

  • We believe that introducing high-level athletes as approachable and relatable humans will create long-term fans.



Chaski Endurance Collective is a community designed to empower athletes of all levels through human-to-human, personalized, and adaptive online coaching.

Collective Model

Chaski is based up on the idea that we as a Collective are greater than the sum of our parts. Rather than being based on one person's experience, ego, or knowledge, Chaski's strength is the unprecedented diversity and experience of our Collective's members. This allows us to provide our athletes with the best possible coaching experience.

Together, we have decades of experience and hundreds of happier, healthier, and higher-performing athletes as proof that our Collective is right for anyone.

Fostering Community

We have created a real community of athletes of all levels. We recognize the power of connection and so rather than just interacting with a single elite-athlete coach, all our athletes and coaches are able to interact with everyone else. We love our sport and our community and we strive to create unique content, events, and other mediums for connection to help foster interaction and engage in our sport together. 

As individuals, we're strong; but as a group, we're unstoppable.

Elite Coaching Staff

The Chaski coaching staff is composed entirely of current and former elite athletes. They've trained and competed at the highest level in sport and can use that experience, along with rigorous coaching training and experience, to guide other athletes toward their goals, no matter the level.

This provides unique opportunities for athletes to directly tap into the knowledge of high performers and for coaches to connect with fellow endurance elites.

Athlete Empowerment

Empowering athletes is why we're here. Whether that empowerment flows directly from your personal Chaski Coach or a connection to another athlete in the Chaski community, our goal is to show you that you're capable of so much more than you ever realized.


In our collective model, the empowerment flows both ways: as our elite athlete-coaches inspire and motivate you,  our athletes also teach us to be better coaches, athletes, and humans.





Chaski Endurance Collective

Coaching and Training Philosophy

Our coaching objective is to improve an athlete’s health, happiness, and performance by formulating an individualized, adaptive, process-oriented approach which harnesses scientific principles and human-to-human connection.

Our Objectives, Values, and Approach


We start with our objectives -- what is our goal for the athlete, coach, and Collective? -- and then list the values we stand for, before finally outlining the approach we expect our coaches to follow. 



Our goals are for our coaches to help their athletes to

  • Improve athlete health

  • Improve athlete happiness

  • Improve athlete performance

  • Increase engagement w/ the sport




We expect our coaches  to be

  • Honest and transparent 

  • Accountable 

  • Motivating

  • Empowering

  • Relentlessly positive

  • Fostering gratitude

  • Open to new ideas

  • Always learning

And we expect their methodologies to be

  • Individualized

  • Adaptive

  • Process-oriented

  • Goal-focused 

  • Focused on continuous growth

  • Science-minded




With our values in mind, in order to meet our objectives, we want our coaches to

  • Recognize that every athlete is unique, and there's no single perfect training practice 

  • Focus on injury prevention, gradual, patient training 

  • Create individualized, intelligent training plans, which are constantly adapted to real life

  • Understand and continuously learn about training theory and harness personal athletic experience


And also,

  • Develop personal connections w/ athletes - care for them.

  • Be relentlessly positive and encouraging

  • Develop athletes’ love for the training process

  • Communicate openly and honestly

  • Foster community, among athletes and coaches

  • Adapt a learning mindset - from your athlete and sporting world

  • Introduce athletes to other professionals and events in the sport world


Can you sum that up?


We want our athletes to be happier, healthier, and higher-performing. We believe that there is no single methodology that’s perfect for all athletes, but that training must be individualized.


We believe in training that is catered to an individual’s strengths, background, and goals and is adapted to how the athlete is progressing (and other events in his or her life). We believe in focusing on developing a love for the process of self improvement and setting process-oriented goals.


We believe in science and believe that data can be useful (though too much data can also be overwhelming and distracting).


And we believe in the power of personal connection between humans for motivation and inspiration.


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