July 1, 2021

by Samantha Pruitt, Chaski Pride Ambassador Leader

Sam Pruitt is an endurance athlete and life and business coach. At the age of 30, her mind and body broke after over a decade of high stress and poor lifestyle choices. She began running and started losing an excess 50lbs and with this newfound energy, she started testing her limits and endurance events - from local 5Ks to ultra. along the way, she built a community of people who are looking to play hard and dream big!

If you want to find out who you really are… set a big hairy audacious goal ;)

And then...

  1. surround yourself with people who are already doing the thing you want to do
  2. show the hell up
  3. do the work and;
  4. open your mind up to the self discovery and personal growth that unfolds.

Through the simple act of commitment to YOURSELF, without hesitation or resistance to the process, you will BECOME. #trustmeonthis

On June 1st, I put my currency where my mouth is and set myself one big ass audacious goal of running 1,000 miles across Australia with three other Americans and 4 Australians in an event called @1000milestolight.

It is totally insane and in no logical way should little ole me have been invited to toe this epic start line. However, when I got the call I said "HELLYES!" because real living does not happen on the sofa.

Wishing, hoping, watching and thinking does NOT make a well-lived life.  

We are all BECOMING. One thought, one decision, one action at a time we each become the sum of all the this and the that. Days and weeks and years of thoughts, decisions and actions all piled up are truly who we are.

BUT in that mound lies the power for change, not hopelessness. In recognizing, and then owning, this personal power, we can not only shift every aspect of our own lives, bodies and brains but that of our families and communities too.

So back to this #BHAG I set for myself to run across Australia….. did I mention that the other 7 runners are elite and pro athletes? Did I mention that I have never run 10 marathons in 10 days before?

Did I forget to tell you that I am 52 this year and a post menopausal female? Oh, and I should have mentioned (in case you were asleep) that we all are just coming out of the pandemic darkness where the majority of humans have gained weight, gotten depressed, and experienced the collapse of all the norms they knew to be true. I, too, battled all that, as well as lost my business, moved my home and lost my mojo. But so what?! I still said HELLYES to this BHAG! But why?

Because if you believe that you can’t do something then that is correct. But if you believe you CAN do it... that is also called the truth. Your truth, the most precious expression you have to give the world.

Both of these opposing realities are YOUR truths but you get to decide which one to truly believe and make real. You see, I am all these things; a soon to be 52 year old mom, wife, nana, Lady Boss, age group mid-packer, genetically subpar, autoimmune disease patient, middle class, minimally educated, depressed and anxiety prone imperfect human.

But I am also a GSD (get shit doner), Emotionally Fit female, ultra runner, endurance lifestyle ambassador, community leader and tough as nail underdog human being. Like you, I get to choose each and every day (and every thought, decision, action) which of those people I both want and deserve to be and I focus on her. I self-invest in her to make sure that my life and body will BECOME that person and not the other. Make sense?

You, too, may be the underdog.

You, too, may have issues with your body, mind, and life that occasionally drown you.

You, too, may battle with the evil twin inside you who tells you that you are not capable and worthy.

You, too, may have others tell you untruths about who you are and what you will become.

We humans have all heard the voices coming from inside and outside of ourselves, telling us what to believe. But we humans are being and becoming and so we get to decide who to listen to. #emotionalfitness

I believe that we all should set BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS. Because when you do, you not only dream… you lean and stretch into it.

You not only think and wonder; you wander.

You go outside of ourselves into the uncomfortable zone where shit gets real.

It is hard, it hurts, it’s scary and it is beyond all you know to be real.

But that is where the magic happens.

In the unknown and the unexplored hides pure magic and untapped potential.

Out there is where YOU are. The real you, the best you. Now let’s get to work.

XOXO -Coach Sam

@endurancetownusa & @thesamanthapruitt

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