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Inside a Marathon by Scott Fauble & Ben Rosario

"Inside a Marathon,” by Elite American marathoner Scott Fauble and Northern Arizona Elite head coach Ben Rosario takes readers week by week through the training preparation for the 2018 NYC Marathon. Ben writes about how he’s developing Scott’s training, the intent behind individual workouts and the entire buildup. Simultaneously Scott outlines his weekly training schedule and how he’s feeling throughout the week--not without some laughs and burritos along the way. Both write in real time about what it’s like to prepare for the race. Throughout you really feel the training and get a better sense of what it’s like to be an elite level athlete and coach. 


The book opens with a series of emails between Scott and Ben--Scott showing interest in Ben as a coach and Ben hearing more about Scott and his potential to be a talented professional distance runner. Watching Scott make a courageous move at his final NCAA race really seals the deal for Ben and before long Scott is on his way to train with Ben in Flagstaff. 

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We have a BIG announcement! Scott Fauble will join us LIVE this Friday, October, 23 @ 2PM ET! Tune in on this Friday @chaski.endurance !!

Week 4 (Chapters 15-17)

Throughout the season, Ben is very intentional in the workouts he creates for Scott and his teammates. From workout specificity to location and placement during the week or block, we see alot goes in to developing these plans. Regardless of planning Scott and every athlete, have their good days, where they feel on top of the world, and their bad days, where they hurt or aren't as successful as they had hoped for. In Scott's writing it is evident that sometimes it is his teammates that get him through those bad days.


About a month before NY, Scott paces teammate Aaron Braun for the first 17 miles of the Chicago Marathon. Early in the season when Scott sees this run on the calendar it is not something he is too thrilled about. With that said, he cares about Aaron, and his success and before long he sees it as something else entirely. After the race Ben writes, "...and then I witnessed one of my favorite moments in my 25 years in this sport… As the Scotts began to pull aside, Aaron looks to his right, thanks Faubs, and gave him a fist bump. Then he did the same to Scott Smith. Goosebumps.”

Running friendships can be like no other. They allow us to be of service to someone else, they give us the time and space to listen and they give us the opportunity to be vulnerable with others. How has a running friendship affected your life?

November's Pick is "26 Marathons," by Meb Keflezighi

Meb will be remembered as the only person in history to win both the Boston and New York City marathons as well as an Olympic marathon silver medal. Meb’s last marathon was also his 26th, and each of those 26 marathons has come with its own unique challenges, rewards, and outcomes.


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