Empower Athletes, Foster Community

Chaski Endurance Collective strives to provide current and former elite athletes and coaches unprecedented opportunities for supporting their athletic pursuits through online coaching in a vibrant community of fellow coaches and motivated athletes.

Whether you're an established online coach or just looking to get started, we have the tools to help you make the most of your athletic background and become a world-class Chaski coach.

Our Collective model encourages our coaches to train and compete at a high level by providing flexible income, unique group bonuses and profit-sharing model, professional support and promotion, business infrastructure, networking, and continuing educational resources.





Collective Model

All athletes and coaches at Chaski are striving for the same goal: self-improvement in sport.


We want you and your athletes to get better and we’re going to support you to that goal through flexible work, profit sharing, and financial incentives.

As you improve as an athlete and coach, your increased exposure will provide additional exposure to the Collective, creating a virtuous cycle between individual and group.

  • Collective model values improvement of all parties

  • Flexible work schedule to give you space to grow as an athlete

  • Profit sharing model with financial incentives on individual and group levels

  • As your personal brand grows, our Collective brand grows

  • Top tier athlete-coaches can receive financial support through race bonuses and travel, racing, and living stipends

Business Support & Protection

Do you want to coach online but don’t know how to get started?  Are you already an online coach with more work than you can handle? Do you have any idea how long it takes just to get a quote from an insurance company?

We'll manage the business-end so that you can focus on being the best coach and athlete you can be. This structure will help us all be better coaches & runners, waste less time, and earn more.

  • Administrative staff handles promotion and growth

  • Customer Recruitment and Management

  • Insurance coverage

  • Invoicing and payment processing

  • Tax documentation and help

  • Best practices for retaining clients

  • Webmaster handles content and updates

  • Strategic partnerships w/ brands, companies, events

Individual Promotion

Not quite Instagram famous yet? Unsure of how to get the right eyeballs on your results?

Support and grow with the most relevant community you can imagine.

  • Connection with fellow Chaski Coaches who are current or former elite athletes themselves

  • Access to a pool of motivated clients who want to support your journey and learn from you as a coach

  • Gain visibility with partner brands that want you using and recommending their products

  • Amplified exposure through Chaski's own channels and other coaches

  • Opportunities for other relevant skill usage (PT, nutrition, sports-psychology, design, programming, social media, etc.)

Community Benefits

As a Chaski Coach, you'll be part of a group greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that having a diverse group of high level athlete-coaches who can all share their ideas and experiences and just have fun together will make us all so much stronger and happier as individuals.

We've embraced a team culture where everyone has a voice and every stands to benefit 

  • Make lifelong connections and friendships with other athletes and coaches

  • Develop or expand coaching knowledge

  • Subsidized educational resources

  • Expand your realm of expertise

  • Improve your own training methodology 

  • Develop and grow your own personal brand

Interested in coaching?

We're looking to bring current, aspiring, and former elite athlete-coaches into the Collective! Whether you are seasoned, new, or still considering the idea of coaching online, we want to help you maximize your coaching potential so that your athletes can maximize their performance potential.

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