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Camp Chaski: Atacama

Camp Chaski: Atacama

Perfect for trail running and hiking enthusiasts who crave a genuine off-the-beaten-track adventure. Embark on an extraordinary 10-day guided exploration of Chile's high Atacama desert!

$ 3,450.00 USD

The Puna de Atacama, nestled within the Atacama Desert, is a striking high plateau renowned for its extreme landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Spanning multiple South American countries, including Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru, this remote region boasts dramatic salt flats, towering volcanoes, and lunar-like terrain. Despite its harsh conditions, the Puna de Atacama supports a variety of resilient plant and animal species, offering a glimpse into the region's rich natural history. Adventurous travelers are drawn to its untouched beauty, where opportunities for hiking, summiting peaks, and exploring ancient civilizations abound, providing a profound connection to the Earth's raw wilderness.

Serious challenge
$ 3,450.00 USD
$ 3,450.00 USD
$ 3,450.00 USD
/4 weeks
*One-time payment + a one-time $99 new athlete fee
*One-time payment + a one-time $49 new athlete fee
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Highlights: Embark on a professionally guided run/hike through the mesmerizing high Atacama desert, led by world-record holder and Chaski Head Coach/Founder Tyler Andrews and Scott Penfield. The Puna de Atacama, with its dramatic salt flats, towering volcanoes, and resilient ecosystems, beckons adventurers to explore its raw beauty and untamed wilderness.

Dates: December 7 - 17, 2024

Trip Length: 10 days, 9 nights


  • $3,450 (Standard Price)
  • $950 (Ojos Climb Add-on)

Difficulty: Seriously challenging

Group Size: 8-10


  • ​Tyler Andrews - 4th season in the Puna de Atacama, World Records/Fastest Known Times (FKT) of several first ascents in the region, 12 years of trip-leading proficiency
  • Scott Penfield - 3rd season in Puna de Atacama, summited all peaks on this itinerary, Five-year experience of trip-leading experience alongside Tyler

Who should come? Any hiker or trail runner aged 13-70 or traveler who enjoys being active outdoors

  1. Contact us if you’re over 70 and interested in coming or want to bring someone under 13.
  2. Is this trip only for runners? Nope! This trip caters to all runners and hikers, offering a blend of uphill hiking and downhill jogging. Expect hot days and cold nights, so bring layers. Technical gear is available for rent in Copiapo. The climbing is generally non-technical, except for the final 20 meters of Ojos. Trails are rocky/sandy with occasional snow above 5000m.

Trip overview

Camp Chaski: Atacama offers an immersive 10-day expedition through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Chile's high Atacama desert. The journey commences with a departure from the USA and arrival in the desert oasis city of Copiapo,, Chile, before continuing up to the high desert

Rustic lodging and camping awaits participants throughout the adventure, with a mix of tents under the starlit skies and basic "refugio" or lodge-style accommodations. Nights can get chilly, so cozy layers are essential for comfort. While the accommodations may not offer many modern luxuries, they provide an authentic and immersive experience amidst nature's splendor.

At Laguna Santa Rosa, accommodation options include shared rooms in the lodge-style setting or cozy two-person tents for a bit more privacy and closer connection with the surrounding environment. Despite the rustic setting, participants can look forward to home-cooked meals prepared with care, featuring a variety of options including vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-free dishes to accommodate all dietary preferences and restrictions.

Each day of the expedition is filled with thrilling adventures, from exhilarating runs and hikes to scenic overlooks and challenging summit attempts. Along the way, participants will have the opportunity to soak in the natural beauty of the Atacama desert, with its rugged terrain and majestic peaks.

The trip highlight will include an attempt at the summit of 19,738 ft (6019m) Nevado San Francisco, a non-technical mountain and a great first 6000m peak!

As the expedition draws to a close, participants return to Copiapo and embark on their homeward journey to the USA, carrying cherished memories and newfound experiences to share with friends and loved ones.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Puna de Atacama is home to some of the world's highest volcanoes? Several peaks in the region exceed 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) in elevation, including the towering Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano on Earth.

Okay, So, What Do I Get?

With your payment, you get:

  • 24 hour support and access from your bi-lingual trip leaders on-the-ground and USA-based support crew
  • Private transportation from the moment you arrive in Copiapo to the end of your trip
  • Three meals per day, catering to your specific dietary needs (veggie, vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free options available)
  • 7 or 9 nights lodging (for main trip / Ojos add-on)
  • Guided runs and hikes during the entire trip, regardless of your level
  • All entry and permit fees associated with group activities (National Parks, museums, etc.)
  • Help from your leaders to organize any free time activities/excursions
  • Support from Chaski staff ahead of your trip including training advice, packing lists, and more
  • Exclusive Camp Chaski merch item
  • Free access to one year of Chaski Community Membership - $199 value
  • Discounts on future Chaski Programs and partner brands

What Else Do I Have to Pay for?

  • International flights to/from Copiapo (Airport Code: CPO) Note: All flights will have to go through Santiago (Airport Code: SCL)
  • Visa charges (there aren’t any for most countries), overweight baggage fees
  • Personal travel insurance (required)
  • Personal souvenirs
  • Activities outside the groups’ itinerary
  • Tips for your drivers, leaders, or anyone else outside of restaurants
  • Alcoholic drinks and food/drinks outside of meals, including energy gels/drink mix/etc 
  • Any additional lodging or transportation costs outside of the trip schedule
  • Optional add-ons to the trip, Ojos del Salado climb ($950/person)

Extend Your Adventure
Optional Add-ons

Ojos del Salado Climb - 6893m, 22,614 ft - World’s Tallest Volcano! -  2-day extension needed

Want to really push your altitude limits? Challenge yourself with a summit climb to the top Ojos del Salado, the tallest volcano on earth. 

This is your opportunity to summit the 2nd highest mountain in the Americas on a non-technical climb. This is a high altitude, glaciated mountain and is a great first big mountain if you’ve never been.

You do not need previous technical mountain climbing experience, but you should be in good shape, comfortable with a very long day on your feet, and ready for a challenge.

Sound great? Contact us for availability and pricing!

Did You Know?

Despite Atacama's harsh conditions, the region is home to various species adapted to the extreme environment, including flamingos, vicuñas, and the elusive Andean fox.


Note: We’ll try to stick as closely as possible to this schedule but may have to move things slightly due to weather, trail conditions, etc.

Day 1 - Leave home!

Today is the day you’ll leave your home country, with almost everyone arriving in Santiago, Chile late at night or early the following morning.

Run/Hike: At home before you leave!

Day 2 - Arrival at Copiapo

Depending on the timing of your flight, you’ll arrive in Copiapo sometime in the morning to afternoon. Your trip leaders will meet you at the airport and once we’ve got the whole group together, we’ll set off for our first night of camping at the Oasis, situated at 2000m (6600 ft) above sea level. If you arrive in the morning,  you’ll be able to join the group for our first run/hike on the hot desert trails around Copiapo!

Sleep: Camp at Oasis

Max Altitude: 6,600 ft (2,000m)

Run/Hike: Exploratory shakeout on sea-level desert trailsnear Copiapo!

Day 3 - Drive to Laguna Santa Rosa and Viewpoint

We'll drive to Laguna Santa Rosa, reaching an elevation of 3850m (12,700 ft), then embark on a short acclimatization hike to the overlook viewpoint above camp, where we’ll have EPIC views of the salt flats, herds of flamingos and vicuñas (wild llamas), and the giant towering 6000m+ mountains across the plateau.

Sleep: Laguna Santa Rosa

​Run/Hike: Easy acclimatization hike up to Camp Overlook

Day 4 - 7 Hermanas Summit

Expect a challenging yet rewarding run/hike to the 7 Hermanas Summit, standing tall at 4880m (16,010 ft). You'll navigate rugged terrain and steep ascents as you ascend to the summit, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Anticipate spending approximately 4 to 6  hours on this exhilarating adventure.

Sleep: Laguna Santa Rosa

Run/hike:  Day hike to 7 Hermanas Summit (16,010 ft / 4,880m), 9 miles (14km) round trip, 4000 ft (1100m) +/- 

Day 5 - Acclimatization Day (Optional: Giant Boulder Beach)

Take a day to rest and acclimate to the altitude, with the optional trip to Giant Boulder Beach for a scenic picnic. When visiting Giant Boulder Beach, you can anticipate encountering a unique natural landscape characterized by an expanse of large boulders scattered in a deep canyon. These massive rocks, weathered by the elements over time, create an intriguing and picturesque setting for exploration. Afterward, return to Laguna Santa Rosa for a peaceful night's sleep.

Sleep: Laguna Santa Rosa

Run/hike: Rest or very easy hiking/jogging.

Day 6 - Barrancas Blancas NE Ridge

During your hike or jog along the Barrancas Blancas NE Ridge, anticipate stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Keep an eye out for local flora and fauna as you traverse this rugged terrain, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the high Atacama desert.

Sleep: Laguna Santa Rosa

Run/hike:  Day hike to Barrancas Blancas NE Summit (18,044 ft, 5,500m) , 6 miles (6.5km) round trip, 3000 ft (900m) +/-  approximately 5-10 hours

Day 7 - Laguna Verde Hot Springs and Rest Day

Prepare for a rejuvenating rest day with a trip to the spectacular Laguna Verde, a bright turquoise high-mountain lake. We’ll soak in the natural volcanic hot springs there,  allowing our bodies to recuperate and acclimate to the altitude. 

Sleep: Laguna Verde

Run/hike: Rest and recover or short hike/jog near the lake

Day 8 - Nevado San Francisco Summit Attempt

Our final day will see us waking up before dawn for our big summit attempt on the trip! Nevado San Francisco lies just a short drive from Laguna Verde and we will begin our hike around dawn, with a spectacular sunrise as we climb higher on the slopes. This is a non-technical climb, though depending on conditions, we may encounter snow near the summit. We’ll take our time and admire the incredible views from the top, with up-close views of Ojos and many other 6000m+ summits. Finally, we’ll descend back down to Laguna Verde where we’ll recover in the volcanic hot springs and enjoy a celebratory dinner together.

Sleep: Laguna Verde

Hike/run: Nevado San Francisco Summit 19,737 ft (6019m), 8 miles (13km) round trip, 4,200 ft / 1285m +/-, Approximately 8-12 hours

Day 9 - Drive to Copiapo and fly back to Santiago

We’ll have one more meal and soak in the hot springs before beginning the stunning drive back down to Copiapo. We recommend you schedule your flights home in the late afternoon/evening so we can enjoy a nice meal in Copiapo and do some souvenir shopping before your guides will drop you off at the airport for your flight home. Almost all flights will connect back in Santiago, Chile, before an overnight departure to your home country/city

Day 10 - Until next time!

This will be the day you’ll arrive home and can finally share all your photos and brag about the trip to all your friends and family!

See you next time!


If you’re taking part in the additional climb of Ojos del Salado, your Days 9-11 will look like this:

Day 9 - Ojos Base Camp

We’ll have one more meal and soak in the hot springs before driving up to Ojos del Salado Base Camp at 17,000 ft (5200m). We’ll review the plan for our summit bid and, depending on your skill level, either make the short hike up to Tejos Camp (19,350 ft., 5900m) and start our summit bid from there, or lie down for an early night’s sleep in Base Camp.

Day 10 - Ojos Summit Bid

We’ll leave before dawn with a goal of being on the 22,614 ft (6,893m) summit by noon. The route starts with gentle grades up to Tejos camp, before a long, steep zig-zagging trail up to the edge of the crater rim at 22,000 ft (6700m). From there, the trail traverses around the crater rim and up a steep gully to the summit ridge. We’ll enjoy the summit views, standing on top of the highest volcano on Earth (and the highest summit in Chile) before making our way all the way back to base camp. After a short meal and celebration, we’ll drive all the way back to Laguna Santa Rosa for a great night’s sleep and celebratory dinner.

Hike/run: Ojos del Salado Summit 22,614 ft (6893m), 9 miles (14.5km) round trip, 5,200 ft / 1600m +/- (6-14 hours)

Day 11 - Back to Copiapo  

We’ll have one more breakfast overlooking the flamingos and salt-flat before beginning the stunning drive back down to Copiapo. We recommend you schedule your flights home in the late afternoon/evening so we can enjoy a nice meal in Copiapo and do some souvenir shopping before your guides will drop you off at the airport for your flight home. Almost all flights will connect back in Santiago, Chile, before an overnight departure to your home country/city

Day 12 - Until next time!

This will be the day you’ll arrive home and can finally share all your photos and brag about the trip to all your friends and family!

See you next time!

Did You Know?

Nevado San Francisco straddles the border between Argentina and Chile. This geographical feature makes it one of the few international border peaks in the world.


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Camp Chaski: Atacama

Camp Chaski: Atacama

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