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Camp Chaski: Nepal - Everest Base Camp Trail

Camp Chaski: Nepal - Everest Base Camp Trail

Run and hike through the most dramatic mountain valleys on Earth, Mt. Everest and other giants towering above, then relax over a cup of tea and do it all again tomorrow.

$ 7,000.00 USD

Though the summit of Mt. Everest may be out of reach, the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trail is a spectacular bucket-list trail hike or run through the Himalaya accessible to any fit and well-acclimated active person. Join Chaski's own Tyler Andrews (EBC Trail speed-record holder) and local legend Chris Fisher on this two-week adventure of a lifetime

Serious challenge
$ 7,000.00 USD
$ 7,000.00 USD
$ 7,000.00 USD
/4 weeks
*One-time payment + a one-time $99 new athlete fee
*One-time payment + a one-time $49 new athlete fee
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Highlights: Professionally guided run/hike of the Everest Base Camp Trail with world-record holder Tyler Andrews and local guide Chris Fisher; relaxing in comfortable mountain huts in the evenings; enjoying local food and the incredible Fisher hospitality.

Dates: October 27 - November 10, 2024

Trip Length: 14 days, 13 nights


  • $7,000 (Chaski Athlete Price)
  • $8,000 (Standard Price)
  • $900 Single supplement (if you want your own room)

Difficulty: Seriously challenging

Group Size: 4-12


  • ​Tyler Andrews - Everest Base Camp Trail World Record Holder, Professional Athlete, Coach, Guide
  • Chris Fisher - Multiple world record holding mountaineer, skier, and runner, with countless high altitude summits

Who should come? Any trail runner aged 13-701 or traveler who enjoys being active outdoors2

  1. Contact us if you’re over 70 and interested in coming or want to bring someone under 13.
  2. Is this trip only for runners? Nope! Everest Base Camp Trail is very much a run/hike kind of route, and we welcome straight hikers as well. That said, our days will be longer than the standard tourist trips and there are no options for vehicle transport in the Khumbu Region, so you should be fit enough to hike/jog 10-12 miles per day at altitude.

Trip overview

The name Everest invokes a different blend of emotions in each of us: fear, excitement, wonder, anticipation, intimidation. But it sure is familiar.

On this trip, you’ll get up close and personal with the Big E (and many other Himalayan Giants) while being guided by EBC world record holder, Tyler Andrews, and local Nepali legend, Chris Fisher.

The summit of Mt. Everest is the highest point on earth at 8,848m and the trail to Everest Base Camp (a.k.a., EBC, located at 5,364m above sea level) is almost as famous and revered. The 105 km route climbs from the mountain town of Lukla to EBC and back, gradually gaining altitude and passing through tiny mountain towns, spectacular valleys, and even across rock and ice strewn glaciers. Whether you’re coming from altitude or sea level, the trail and our schedule allows for acclimatization en route, with days of hiking and running mixed in with days of rest and recovery.

Our journey begins in the bustling metropolis of Kathmandu (1,400m above sea level), where we’ll spend a day preparing for our adventure before making the short flight to Lukla (2,860m), our launch point for Everest Base Camp.

We’ll hike and jog our way to Namche Bazaar, where we’ll spend a day acclimatizing and resting at 3,400m in the last bigger town before heading deep into the Khumbu Valley. From here, we’ll follow a runnable trail towards the really big mountains, starting out on runnable double-track trail and then making the steep climb up to the hill-top Tengboche Monastery before heading down into the heart of the valley on the other side.

We’ll spend a night in the tiny town of Pangboche before crossing the Everest moraine and heading up to Lobuche at 4,900m. We’ll spend one extra night for acclimatization in Lobuche and then cross the rock-strewn plateau that leads to Gorak Shep, one of the highest permanent settlements on Earth at 5,200m.

We’ll have an optional climb to the top of Kala Pattar (5,648m), a high but non-technical mountain, before our last push to EBC. With Everest herself towering over us, we’ll enjoy the majesty of these incredible snow-capped peaks before a long descent to Pheriche, down at ONLY 4,250m. We’ll sleep well and take one last rest day (with an optional hike up Nangkartshang Mountain (5,073m) before heading back to Namche Bazaar and finally Lukla.

We’ll have one extra day built into our schedule in case bad weather or other delays, which we can spend in the mountains or back in Kathmandu, with a day hike into the nearby (much greener and much lower) mountains. Finally, say goodbye to your tripmates and guides and bid farewell to the Himalaya and Nepal.

Note -- if you’d like to add the option Himalaya Summit Adventure, you’ll stay in Namche and meet your climbing guide there.

Did You Know?

The Everest Base Camp Trail navigates through the Khumbu Valley, dotted with tiny (and extremely friendly) towns all the way to one of the highest permanent settlements on Earth, Gorak Shep at 5,200m, the last slice of civilization before EBC.

Okay, So, What Do I Get?

With your payment, you get:

  • 24 hour support and access from your bi-lingual trip leaders on-the-ground and USA-based support crew
  • Private transportation from the moment you arrive in Kathmandu to the end of your trip
  • Local, high-end and high-quality food, three meals per day
  • 9 nights lodging (double occupancy)
  • Guided runs and hikes during the entire trip, regardless of your level
  • Meet and greet with local professional athletes and/or coaches
  • All entry fees associated with group activities (National Parks, museums, etc.)
  • Help from your leaders to organize any free time activities/excursions
  • Support from Chaski staff ahead of your trip including training advice, packing lists, and more
  • Chaski merch item of your choice - up to $79 value
  • Free access to one year of Chaski Community Membership - $199 value
  • Discounts on future Chaski Programs and partner brands

What Else Do I Have to Pay for?

  • International flights to/from Kathmandu, Nepal (Airport code: KTM)
  • Visa charges (there aren’t any for most countries), overweight baggage fees
  • Personal travel insurance (required)
  • Personal souvenirs
  • Activities outside the groups’ itinerary
  • Tips for your drivers, leaders, or anyone else outside of restaurants
  • Alcoholic drinks and food/drinks outside of meals, including energy gels/drink mix/etc for the long days on the TMB
  • Single occupancy (i.e. if you’d like a room to yourself)
  • Optional 10th night of lodging if your flight departs on the morning of day 11.
  • Optional add-ons to the trip, like the Mountain Summit Adventure

Extend Your Adventure
Optional Add-ons

Got a little more time? I mean, you’ve come this far already. You may never be back in Nepal.

Check this out.

Himalaya Summit Adventure - Mt Lobuche East - 20,305 ft (6,189m) - NO EXTENSION NEEDED - this climb fits perfectly in on the way back down the trail, and you'll only be separated from the group for 2 days/1 night.

Want to really push your altitude limits? Challenge yourself with a summit climb to the top Mt Lobuche. This is your opportunity to break two huge barriers in altitude: 20,000 ft. and 6,000m. This is a high altitude, glaciated mountain and is a great first big mountain if you’ve never been to serious altitude and you've never used ropes/crampons before.

You do not need previous mountain climbing experience, but you should be in good shape and ready for a challenge.

You'll be climbing with your own private guide in a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 (max) setup.

Sound great? Contact us for availability and pricing!

Did You Know?

The Everest Base Camp Trail has hosted a "marathon", a downhill race which started at EBC and ran about 55km back to Lukla. Trip leader Tyler Andrews broke that one-way record when he set the round trip record of 23 hours and 42 minutes for the entire 106km round trip in March of 2020.


Note: We’ll try to stick as closely as possible to this schedule but may have to move things slightly due to weather, trail conditions, etc.

Day 1 - Namaste. Welcome to Nepal.

Today is the day you’ll arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal (most flights will leave your home country the day prior) where your leaders will be waiting to welcome you and escort you via private transfer to our luxury hotel in Kathmandu. Depending on the timing of your arrival, there may be time for a short shakeout run or hike through some of the beautiful trails that encircle the city before our first dinner in Nepal dinner.

Sleep: Baber Mahal Vilas Boutique Hotel

Max Altitude: 3,400 ft. (1,400m)

Run: At home before you leave, or, optional run on trails upon arrival, depending on timing.

Day 2 - Kathmandu planning, prep, and exploration.

We’ll start the day off with a lovely breakfast at our hotel where your guides will review the plan for our Himalayan Adventure. We’ll then head out for a run through some of the Kathmandu Valley trails, far from the smog and congestion of the city and with spectacular views looking back. We should also have time to visit Kathmandu’s famous hilltop Monkey Shrine (full of statues of and real monkeys!) before heading back for an early dinner and early night sleep to rest up!

Sleep: Baber Mahal Vilas Boutique Hotel

Max Altitude: 5,000 ft. (1,524m)

Run/Hike: 30-60 minutes on trails

Day 3 - Into the Khumbu!

Today, the real adventure begins! We’ll head back to the airport for the short flight to Lukla, our launching point for Everest Base Camp. We should arrive mid-morning and, after connecting with our porters, we’ll begin the first stage of our journey, from Lukla to Namche Bazaar. This is a fairly long day in terms of mileage, but along very runnable trails. We’ll pass through tiny towns where we can stop for a rest or just to refuel and traverse spectacular suspension bridges (don’t worry, they’re frequented by 1000 kg yaks -- they’re definitely strong enough!) A last steeper climb will lead us into Namche Bazaar, the last bigger town where we’ll stay the night at a luxurious lodge with snow-capped peaks towering above.

Sleep: Luxury Lodge

​Run/Hike: 11 miles (18 km),  4,400 ft (1,340m) vert. -- approximately 6-9 hours

Highest Altitude: 11,100 ft. (3,400m)

Day 4 - Namche Acclimatization Day

One of the most important pieces of our journey is allowing our body to gradually adjust to the increasingly high altitude. These acclimatization days allow us to recover from the strain of our hiking and jog and let our bodies adapt to the thin air. We’ll take these days easy, with optional short hikes, but mostly a focus on relaxation.

Sleep: Luxury Lodge

Run/hike: Optional short excursion

Highest Altitude: 11,100 ft. (3,400m)

Day 5 - Namche to Pangboche

We’ll leave Namche early and follow the smoothest and flattest trail on the whole route out of town before plunging down to a suspension bridge and then climbing through beautiful forests to the hilltop Tengboche Monastery. We’ll have incredible views back down the valley and up towards Ama Dablam and the northern Khumbu. We might even have some snow up here! We’ll make a short, steep descent to another suspension bridge and then a gentle climb will lead us to Pangboche, our home for the night, with Ama Dablam towering above us.

Sleep: Pangboche Teahouse/Lodge

Run/hike: 8.5 miles (13.5 km), 1000m up, 500m down -- approximately 4.5-7 hours

Highest Altitude: 12,800 ft. (3,900m)

Day 6 - Pangboche to Lobuche

This will be a big day as we’ll head up, up, up from Pangboche, across a wide plateau and finally up a steep climb to the bottom of the Everest Moraine. This spectacular rocky field is the leftover of millions of years of the Everest glacier slowly sliding down the valley, leaving a wake of destruction behind it. We’ll climb up the steep far side of the moraine to arrive at our homebase for the next two nights, the tiny town of Lobuche. We’ll take today easy and make sure to get to bed early to let our bodies catch up with all the work we’ve been doing.

Sleep: Lobuche Teahouse/Lodge

The route: 8 miles (13km), 3,600 ft (1,100m up), 328 ft. (100m) down. approximately 5-8 hours

Highest Altitude: 16,000 ft. (4,900m)

Day 7 -  Lobuche Rest and Acclimatization

Today we’ll take the day to really recover from two big days in a row and a new high point in altitude. We’ll do some light walking just to stretch the legs and enjoy a day looking up at the giant snow-caps.

Sleep: Lobuche Teahouse/Lodge

Run/hike: Rest and recover

Highest Altitude: 16,000 ft. (4,900m)

Day 8 - Lobuche to Gorak Shep, optional hike to Kala Pattar

Today we have a short day with a gentle climb to Gorak Shep, the last settlement in the Khumbu before EBC. We’ll begin the day with steep switchbacks and then follow a beautiful stream until the final steep climb and across a boulder field which will lead us into town, where we’ll finally have our first views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and many other giant snow-caps. If you’re feeling great and we make good time, we can take the afternoon and hike up to the summit of Kala Pattar, with spectacular views of the Everest Massif.

Sleep: Kala Pattar Teahouse/Lodge

Hike/run: 5km, 984 ft. (300m) up, 100 ft. (30m) down -- Approximately 2-5 hours

Highest Altitude: 17,000 ft. (5,200m) or 18,530 ft. (5,648m) (Kala Pattar summit)

Day 9 - Everest Base Camp

Finally, after more than 33 miles and 13,000 ft. of climbing, we’ll arrive at Everest Base Camp. The trail is a spectacular ridge-line single track alongside Everest and Lhotse and eventually scoots down onto the glacier all the way to EBC. We’ll take our time at EBC to admire the views and majesty of the highest peak on Earth (and maybe even get to meet some early-season climbers) before we head back and have a long descent all the way to Pheriche at 13,900 ft., (4,250m). Don’t worry - every step will bring us more oxygen and though the day is long, we’ll sleep better than ever when we arrive.

Sleep: Pheriche Teahouse/Lodge

Hike/run: 12.4 miles (20km), 1000 ft. (300m) up, 3,900 ft. (1,200m) down -- Approximately 5-10 hours

Highest Altitude: 17,600 ft. (5364m)

Day 10 - Acclimatization/Recovery Day, Optional Nangkartshang Summit

We’ll spend the day in Pheriche where we’ll have the option for complete rest if we’re feeling really cooked or a short hike up to the summit of nearby Nangkartshang (16,600 ft., 5,073m). Either way, we’ll enjoy a more relaxed day and spend the night again in Pheriche.

Sleep: Pheriche Teahouse/Lodge

Hike/run:  Optional climb of 3 miles (5km), 2500 ft. (800m) gain/loss or short walk/jog

Highest Altitude: 17,600 ft. (5368m)

Day 11 - Pheriche to Namche

Today we’ll make our way back to our luxury lodging in Namche Bazaar. The route is mostly downhill on good trail with a short climb back up to Tengboche Monastery and finishing with very runnable double-track trail into Namche. Enjoy the “big city” perks of Namche, like consistent wifi and western food (or keep eating Dal Bhat!)

Sleep: Luxury Lodge

Hike/run: 12 miles (19km), 2,000 ft. (600m) up, 4,900 ft. (1,500m) down

Highest Altitude: 14,000 ft. (4,280m)

Day 12 - Namche to Lukla

Our last day in the Khumbu will see us navigate the smooth trail on which we started our journey almost 50 miles (80km) earlier. We’ll descend the steep trail to the river and then follow the gently rolling (downhill!) all the way back to Lukla. We’ll have a great feast in Lukla and enjoy all the oxygen down here at 9,300 ft. (2,850m)!

And with that, we’ve done it! 65 miles (105km) of rugged, high altitude terrain. Be sure to savor the moment!

Sleep: Luxury Lodge

Hike/run:  11 miles (19km), 2,000 ft. (600m) up, 4,900 ft. (1,500m) down

Highest Altitude: 14,000 ft. (4,280m)

Day 13 - Lukla to Kathmandu

We’ll have a relaxing morning in Lukla before bidding farewell to the Khumbu and flying back down to Kathmandu. We’ll enjoy some warmer temperatures and a LOT more oxygen down here and should have time for an afternoon exploring some of the sights of the city, getting a massage, doing some last souvenir shopping, or just relaxing and enjoying the Asian sunshine. We’ll have a final celebratory dinner at one of Kathmandu’s best restaurants and recognize our incredible accomplishment.

Sleep: Baber Mahal Vilas Boutique Hotel

Max Altitude: 3,400 ft (1,400m)

Run: Optional run or hike, depending on group’s desire

Day 14 - Extra day

We’ll keep one extra day on the schedule in case of bad weather, flight delays from Lukla, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Day 15 - Until next time!

This will be the day you’ll fly out of Kathmandu and begin your journey home. We’ll have a (hopefully not too tearful) goodbye and, depending on what time your flight leaves, have time for a short excursion or relaxing day in the city before heading to the airport. Don’t forget some keepsakes from your journey and don’t forget to brag to your airport seat-mates about your incredible accomplishment.

See you next time!

Sleep: Baber Mahal Vilas Boutique Hotel

Max Altitude: 3,400 ft (1,400m)

Run: Optional run or hike, depending on group’s desire

Did You Know?

Mt. Everest's summit is actually not the farthest point from the center of the Earth. It IS the highest mountain on Earth's surface, but Chimborazo Volcano in Ecuador is actually slightly farther from the center of the Earth due to the slightly bulging shape of the Earth around the equator.


What about COVID-19?

All participants will be required to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination at least two weeks before departure from your home country. There are no exceptions to this requirement. As of this writing, there are no travel restrictions in place for vaccinated individuals in the state of Arizona, though masks are still required in many public spaces.

Do I need to be super fit/an elite athlete? Am I too fit/fast for this trip?

You do not need to be an elite athlete to join this adventure. That said, the ten days on the Everest Base Camp Trail will require long days of hiking or running at high altitude. You will be able to move at your own pace (we’ll have a guide at the front and back of the group, so you’ll never be isolated). That said, there is no “ride in a vehicle for a day” option as there are no roads in the Khumbu. We have built in rest and acclimatization days to cater to athletes of all levels and your trip leaders are accustomed to working with athletes of all abilities, ages and experience levels.

If you are super fit and want to push yourself, well, don’t you worry about that. We’ve got you covered

Can I bring my partner if they aren’t a runner?

Yes, however, they should be fit and into hiking and the outdoors. The days on the EBC Trail are long and skipping days is generally not possible. See the above questions.

Do I have to carry all my stuff during the EBC Trail?

Nope! You’ll only need to carry whatever you want for that day’s hike/run. We’d recommend going light, with a phone/camera, water bottles, snacks/gels/etc, and maybe an extra layer or two as weather can change.

The rest of your baggage will be carried by your own personal porter who will meet us at each night’s lodging. This will allow you to move quickly and run/jog/hike as much as you’d like without having to worry about carrying everything you’ve brought.

Of course, if you’d like the extra challenge, you’re more than welcome to carry all your own stuff!

What are the accommodations like?

The short answer: It depends and we’ll stay at the most luxurious lodging available given where we are.

In Kathmandu, this means a modern, western-style luxury hotel. In Lukla and Namche, this means a luxury mountain lodge.

Beyond Lukla and Namche, lodging will be rustic Teahouse style lodges. Electricity and consistent hot water may or may not be available. Rooms will be private but very basic.

That said, whatever is lacking in luxury will be made up in human warmth, as these family-owned establishments are often run by some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. And given how far out away from the nearest paved road, it’s honestly pretty amazing that you’ll be able to check email.

I’m a vegetarian/gluten free/vegan/etc., can I come on this trip? What’s the food like?

Yes! In fact, a lot of Nepali food is vegetarian, especially deep in the Khumbu. Vegetarian options will always be accessible both at restaurants, teahouses, and for any packed meals we take on our big adventure days. We’ve had plenty of veggies, vegans, and others with food restrictions come to the Himalaya without issue.

In general, the food in the Himalaya is delicious, locally sourced, and plentiful. Pro-tip: if you order “Dal Bhat” (lentils, rice, and veggies), they’ll just keep filling your plate after you clean it! In Kathmandu, we’ll have options for a much greater variety of food. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Do I have to do everything with the group?

Yes and no.

During the EBC trail portion of the trip, we’ll all follow the same day to day schedule (i.e. we all have to get to the same lodging in the evening). That said, you’ll be welcome to walk at your own pace, either alone or with one of your leaders. On our city days and acclimatization days in the mountains, you’re more than welcome to take the day to yourself!

In terms of meals and free time, you’re always welcome to take a meal for yourself. Our staff are here to help make your experience as awesome as possible. Note, any meals or activities done on your own will be at your expense, though.

Can Chaski book my flights for me?

Absolutely! We’ve been doing this for a long time and know the best routes and airlines and are happy to help you select the right routing and get you set up.

Camps & Travel

Camp Chaski: Nepal - Everest Base Camp Trail

Camp Chaski: Nepal - Everest Base Camp Trail

What's Included

What's Included

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