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Coree Woltering

Ultras, Marathon, Triathlete
Ice Age Trail FKT Holder
Chaski / USATF Certified Coach
Living in the flatlands, racing in the mountains

The Cornfield Cowboy


Coree’s first race was against his grandfather, across a church parking lot. He never stopped running.

Coree is an athlete for The North Face, an endurance coach, and lover of the outdoors. Coree brings a unique perspective to the sport, as he lives and trains in Illinois (#CornfieldCowboys), but races in the mountains. There is not a surface or distance that he does not enjoy racing, all while rocking a speedo.


Coree started as a 400m/800m runner from middle school though college, before transitioning to longer races. He thought he wanted to become a professional triathlete, but a friend got him hooked on trail running. Turns out, it was a great choice.

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