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Kimber Mattox

Trail, Mountain, Steeplechase, and Obstacle Races - Chaski & USATF Certified Coach

A Little Dirt Never Hurt


Kimber is a professional trail and mountain runner for Brooks, living in Bend, Oregon. She is also a professor of nutrition and anatomy & physiology and certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS). She loves learning and teaching about the human body, health, and sports science. Kimber started out as a national level steeplechaser on the track, both collegiately (U of Oregon & Willamette U) and post-collegiately, and eventually found her way into trail, mountain, and obstacle course racing. She fell in love with the challenge, beauty, and adventure of these types of races and had a lot of success in her first couple years of racing, winning several prominent races.

Kimber has a variety of coaching experience, including as a volunteer assistant coach at the University of Oregon for five years, a strength and conditioning coach for collegiate and elite runners, and a community level running coach. She loves helping people pursue and achieve their goals in running and in all areas of life and believes that all pieces of life have an effect on training, including nutrition, sleep, strength, stress, and general happiness.


Kimber likes to use science and knowledge to guide training but also believes in finding what works best for each individual athlete. Kimber is in her second career in trail and mountain running after a long 3-4 years of not being able to run due to injury. Through her injury and comeback, Kimber has developed a strong belief in everyone’s ability to achieve their wildest, dreamiest dreams. Kimber went from a long period of thinking she would never be able to run again to making the US Mountain Running Team in her first race back after more than three years of not racing.

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