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Morgon Latimore

· Triathlon: Sprint to IRONMAN
· Off-Road Triathlon
· Ultra-Triathlon
· Athlete Life Coaching

Personal Bests

· IRONMAN: 12:29:47
· IRONMAN 70.3: 5:26:32


· Ultraman Florida Finisher
· SoCal RAAM Challenge Finisher
· 10 x 140.6 (EPICDECA) *Pending due to COVID
· U.S. Marine Corps 22+ years (MSgt)
· #1 Mindset coach in triathlon



Coach Morgon views one of the main purposes in his life as helping people find the strength within to become more than they ever thought they could be. He lives his life every day as an example to help those around him redefine what’s possible. He is also passionate about giving back to the endurance community.

Coach Morgon is an active duty U.S. Marine with 22+ years of faithful service. He is an ultra-endurance triathlete, a U.S. Masters Swimming Level 3 swim coach, a Lead U.S. Masters Swimming instructor for Adult Learn to Swim, an IRONMAN certified coach, and an empowerment speaker. He has been training athletes and Marines for more than 15 years. All while training and racing to exceed his own endurance athlete goals.


Coach Morgon believes that a coach should meet each athlete where they are, not where others think they should be and that coaching athletes is about guiding men and women on a journey to explore their mental, physical, and emotional possibilities, by creating an unmovable athlete-coach relationship. He also believes coaches must get to know their athletes on a deeper level in order to provide the best coaching possible.